How To Get Companies To Pay You Closing For Them

Like, I was talking with a buddy of mine and he was… Closing and he’s wondering, “Why would anybody hire me “if nobody knows who I am,” right? Don’t you need to have credibility to be a closer? Well I think, first of all, he has to understand it’s not about him, right? Companies nowadays, […]

How These ‘Entitled’ Millennials Want Jobs That ‘Pay’

D: Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me for this really weird video. I already don’t know how we’re going to title it. D: It’s gonna be like an interview conversation thing. I’m Daniel O’Brien, this is Talia Jane D: You’ve written a couple articles for us here at Cracked. D: You can find them on […]

It took me 11 jobs to get to a video career

Hey indie filmmakers—Griffin here! It’s Labor Day, so I thought I’d look back at all the weird jobs I’ve had before I ever had a “career” in video production. I share this to say, you can do a lot of different work to get paid, and still eventually land on a career that you love. […]

You Won’t Be Automated: Innovation for Jobs

Pradeep Khosla: In 1982 when I was doing my Phd, we would hear – I was a student – senior people talk about how factories were going to be only robots and workers were going to be displaced totally, we would have all this free time. But nobody talked about that we would have free […]

World’s Weirdest Jobs

There are some incredibly weird jobs in this world. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. Now, as much as I love our job, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a weird job. – It’s a little weird. – What we’re doing right now that you’re consuming, is weird. […]

Tips for Job Seekers: Inside the Mind of a Recruiter | James Citrin

So let’s talk about the tactics of searching for a job today. Some of the tactics are quite different, but some of the principles are absolutely timeless. Some of the tactics that are different: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an essential resource for potential employees and employers. It is the de facto global standard for 400 million […]

Kazakhstan, The Place to Be.

I decided to travel once again to Kazakshtan this time, aiming to tell you the experience through the eyes of one of our Latin American pilots. Fernando Artigas, has been nearly 3 years in Almaty and I came here to meet him. To share his experience with us. My experience in Qazaq Air since I […]

Vocational Rehabilitation—the Best Kept Secret in SC

The history of South Carolina Vocation Rehabilitation goes back some ninety plus years. The mission statement is to prepare and assist eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment. People who would be made eligible for our services must have a mental or physical disability. That mental or physical disability must be […]

Fed can’t revive the economy just by lowering rates: Barron’s editor