How to Prepare for a Job Interview (HD) | By Professional Resume Writers of Resume Service Plus

Job Search Accelerator

Before Job Search Accelerator, I was dutifully sending out resumes. I was trolling through all the job listings online. I didn’t understand that that is not the best way to get a job. This has probably been one of the most, like, instrumental opportunities that I’ve ever had. What we were working on sort of […]

LI Experience, Skills

– Next we want to talk about your experience. A lot of people think I’ll just take my resume, copy and paste it and put it into my experience. No, you don’t want to do that. What you want to do is just give them a snippet of information about the success you’ve had at […]

How To NOT Be Nervous For An Interview (5 Tips To Instantly Be More Confident)

Hey cultivators. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m really excited to share with you how you can boost your confidence during the interview process now after coaching hundreds of job seekers through the interview phase, as well as being on both ends of the interview table as the interview where as well […]

How to Write a Resume – Challenges (HD) | Professional Resume Service by Resume Service Plus

How to Handle Challenges in Resume Writing Resume writing may prove to be challenging for someone who lacks work experience, … … has employment gaps, or doesn’t display consistent job industries on her resume. If this is you, try customizing your resume format. Here are some ways to help you overcome these challenges in resume […]

Get prepared for your first interview with the help of James – a VR experience

[James] Hey mate. [Dylan] Hey. [James] You’ve fixed yourself up nicely. [Dylan] Thanks. [James] Ready for your big event? [Dylan] Hmm I don’t know I’ve never been to an interview before and it’s pretty stressful. [James] Oh you will be fine mate, let’s get in. [Dylan] Cool, thanks. Everybody gets nervous about interviews. Just remember […]

Cheneille gets an opportunity and impresses her new boss, thanks to Youth Jobs PaTH

Before I started working here, I didn’t really do much. A lot of the time it was really boring, sitting around, doing nothing all day isn’t really much fun. When I was doing childcare, I was really interested in it at the start, and then got halfway through it, and I was like, “This really […]

Bringing your skills and experience to a new job

♪ (Music Playing) ♪ I started working in Holden actually in 1990, so I was there for about 26 years. And most of that time was in safety, quality and environment, and a lot of that was to do about the processes and procedures that Holden had, and making sure that they were always followed […]

Interview tip: “What is your biggest weakness?”

Hi everyone, I’m Amy Bateman from Career Cake TV. I did a video a couple of months ago with the guys at Firebrand Talent Search and we had some fantastic feedback, so thank you. Now I’ve spoken to the team and we’ve decided to do another video to help you at interview. And this time […]