Questions to ask your interviewers

Hey! My name is Linda, and I’m a recruiter here at Indeed. Job interviews should feel like a conversation. In fact, interviewers like me expect you to ask questions. When you do, it shows us that you care about the job. And that’s actually what we’re looking for: excitement about the role. The best time […]

Job Interviews & Offers : How to Answer Sample Job Interview Questions

I’m Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems located in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m going to talk to you about sample interview questions. I know it sounds kind of basic, but I want to talk to you about are not the ones that you’re going to get. You know you’re going to get tell me something […]

Jobspeaker Interview Series: Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

[Title: Do you have any questions for us?] [ON-SCREEN: Do You Have Any Questions for Us? appears on board]>>Narrator: The answer is Yes! Asking good questions not only shows that you are interested in the position, it is a chance to show that you were critically thinking and actively listening during the interview. Asking good […]

Job Interview Tips : How to Job Interview: Questions & Answers

Knowing what job interview questions and the possible answers that you’re going to get in an interview is something that you want to make sure you know. My name is Gloria Campbell, I’m with Advantage Training Systems in St. Petersburg Florida. I’m going to give you two or three of the standard questions and answers […]

Job interview questions and answers (Part 14): How To Answer Weird Job Interview Questions

In this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna discuss weird job interview questions and how you should answer them. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for hourly jobs, and welcome to Job Hunters, our weekly job search advice show. So we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what’s […]

How to get motivated to write a resume.

Hey there. It’s Kerri Twigg with video #12 of 30 days of resume. So today’s question is a dream question and the question is … how do I ….the person wanted to know. They were like.. Every time that they sit down to write their resume they get stuck. And they are kinda like, how […]

I Lost My Job… Now What?

– I lost my job. Now what? How am I going to take care of my family? How am I going to take care of my mom? I remember when I walked out of the job that I was working at the time in a supermarket. I was making minimum wage. When I was walking […]

How to write a resume when you have the experience, but not the job title

Hey there, Kerri Twigg with video 16 of 30 days of resume. Today’s question comes from somebody who has the current title of HR generalist. They are looking for a management or leadership role. And although they have the title of HR Manager in the civil service They feel the work they are doing is […]

Nick Hewer’s top 5 interview tips. #TheElevatorPitch

Over the last 50 years I’ve been interviewed a lot and I’ve interviewed many, many, people and here are my key tips. You live or die in the first 20 seconds because that’s when the key impression is made. When you’re answering a question answer it slowly, clearly and in a structured fashion. You’re now […]

How to Get a Job : How to Answer Job Interview Questions

Hi, my name is Pat Goodwin with, and today we’re going to talk about how to answer interview questions. You’ve gotten to the interview. You’ve got your resume screened in, they’ve made a call, they’re either phone screening you over the phone to ask you questions or you’re there in person. So this is […]