How To Prepare For A Skype Job Interview – Digital Career Tips by Bubble Jobs

Skype interviews are becoming more commonplace as part of the recruitment process. Face-to-face interviews can be time consuming to organise and for employers to conduct, so employers are looking at new ways to speed up the interview process and this is – as I say – becoming much more commonplace. So there’s a few tips […]

Colin Dodds – Here’s What I Say ‘Bout Your Resume

Here’s what I say ‘bout your resume It’s got tact and it’s full of interesting facts Any hiring manager is gonna be a fan of that Boo do bap boo do ba da boo bap ba do bap Here’s what I say ‘bout your resume Son you know that brevity is all the rage You […]

Ask a Recruiter: Resume Advice

Hi, I’m Jaime, a senior talent qualification specialist with Kforce with our new Ask a Recruiter series, where we’re answering your resume questions. While we had dozens of job seekers out there ask their most pressing resume questions, we selected three… Our first comes from John and he asks: After nearly 20 years in the […]

How to Write a Resume for a Job Application

We are going to explain: how to write a great CV for a job application at English speaking companies. Companies can’t interview hundreds of people. So your Curriculum Vitae or résumé should summarise your skills education and experiences in a way that makes you stand out. How? Let’s find out! Generally, your CV should be […]

How to write a cv for german job market ? tutorial for writing a cv for german job market

hello my name is Gunda Benjamin burger and I’m from drop off I find I want to talk to you today about the CV for German employers they are 10 important things to know we start by the first one important of course is a good overview a good layout with precise description of your […]

Improve Your Resume With This Simple Formula

so there’s a lot of folks out there on the job market looking for you know been trying to find jobs and you know the key to finding a job is your resume now a lot of work early and we all know recruiters on the teacher in for a couple seconds but doesn’t mean […]