Job Interviews & Offers : How to Prepare for a Job Interview

I’m Gloria Campbell, President and CEO of Advantage Training Systems. We’re located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Preparing for that upcoming job interview. Your preparation will determine how successful you are in the interview. I’m going to give you some ideas and things that you want to take into consideration. First of all you have about […]

How to prepare for an interview

No matter where you are in your career, a job interview is often seen as a make-or-break situation which requires careful planning. However time taken to prepare is time well spent, so prepping thoroughly beforehand should alleviate stress and help you feel more confident on the day. So, if you’ve just been invited to interview […]

How to Ace a Job Interview: 10 Crucial Tips

Hey, what’s up, guys? Today, we are gonna be focusing in on how to ace a job interview. I’m gonna be giving you 10 tips that you can use to make sure that you’re on the hiring manager’s short list by the time you walk out of the room. But before we get started, I […]

How to write a resume – 5 Top Resume Tips – Part 1

Hi, Philip Chesney here from English Interviews. In today’s video, we are going to talk about and show you the essential elements and layouts of a resume. To get started. Number 1: Use a simplistic layout. We need to think about how recruiters are going to view our resume. They need to be able to […]

Preparing for an Interview with No Specific Job Opening (Informational Interview)

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome to my show where I help you build a career you love today we’re gonna talk about how to prepare for an interview when there’s no specific job opening now some of you you know I get been getting this question a lot and some of you come up with […]

What recruiters look for on a resume in 15 seconds

Hi, it’s Margaret Buj, Interview Coach and in today’s video I wanted to tell you what recruiters look for on your resume in 15 seconds I’m sometimes asked about what I look for when I read a CV and how long it takes to screen a resume. This process can take as little as 10 […]