Can A Person With Good Skills Be Blackballed When Applying for Jobs? |

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I coach people to be more effective in their job search with hiring managing and leading your workplace stuff in general can a person with high qualifications, great skills be blackballed when they are applying for a position?” How does blackballing occur?” Now, you have to live in an […]

Nail or Fail: Watch and learn tips for job interview success

Brook: Kia ora whānau, I’m Brook Roscoe, a guy who likes to dabble in a little bit of basketball and travel around the world. But today I’m letting you guys in on a bit of a secret. I’m gonna show you how to nail a job interview. Brook: Meet Awa, Taniwha and Paerangi. They’ve all […]

Jobspeaker Interview Series: Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

[Title: Do you have any questions for us?] [ON-SCREEN: Do You Have Any Questions for Us? appears on board]>>Narrator: The answer is Yes! Asking good questions not only shows that you are interested in the position, it is a chance to show that you were critically thinking and actively listening during the interview. Asking good […]

Interview Questions And Answers – How To Ask For A Job

in this video I’m going to show you the best way to ask for the job while you’re in the interview hi I’m Ian Jenkins founder of job hunting secrets dot-com now asking for the job interview may sound a little bit assertive but remember you’re competing to win the job now if you’ve just […]

Top 5 Interview Questions

Hi there in this video I’m going to cover the five most important interview questions to be prepared for so that way you in the interview and the job offer hi I’m Ian Jenkins founder of job hunting secrets dot-com where we equip job seekers to find new job opportunities in less time now preparing […]

Preparing for Interview Success

interview success formula dot cominterview success formula dot com presents preparing for interviews success success job interview just not start when you walk in the door it actually starts much earlier in the planning stages let’s look at some things you can do to maximize your interview preparation first all do your homework on the […]

Interview Preparation — Tell Me about Yourself

hi this is Alan with interview success formula do you have an interview tomorrow and you want to ace it but you’re feeling really nervous well preparing in advance will definitely help you ace it while most of us can answer the technical aspects interviews correctly it’s often the first question that’s the most dreaded […]

Interview Questions And Answers: How To Answer The Salary Question

what’s the best way to answer the question what salary do you expect we’ll keep in mind that salary related questions can make or lose you more money than any other question in an interview so in this video I’ll share with you what i call the 3d framework to answering this question so that […]