Jo Koy Spoils His Son With Presents | Netflix Is A Joke

– He’s got it so good, and I gotta stop spoiling him. I spoil him too much. It sucks. The reason why I spoil him is ’cause I didn’t have shit when I was a kid. We were broke as shit. And now that I can afford it, I’m buying everything. And yes, it’s for […]

Jo Koy Reveals How To Tell Asians Apart | Netflix Is A Joke

– And we look, I look out into the crowd, you can’t tell us apart, you can’t. You know how many Mexicans my mom walks up to and goes, “Filipino?” (audience laughs) Mexican! Sorry, sorry! (audience laughs) Sorry. Sorry. There’s a way you can tell Asians apart from other Asians! It’s by their accent, and […]

Jo Koy’s Hula Dance | Netflix Is A Joke

– People in Hawaii brag about shit that no one else brags about. (audience laughing) That’s real. ‘Cause you cherish the things that you have. It’s yours, I love, this is mine, brother. (audience cheering) I had a guy walk up to me, he was like, “Hey Brudda you see my, you see my brand […]