18.04.2019: What helps USD resume rally (USD, CAD, BRENT)

Demand for the American currency surged by the end of this trading week. Let us remind that the major trading floors will be closed tomorrow due to the celebration of Good Friday. The US dollar index skyrocketed by 30 pips amid the news from Europe where the German manufacturing PMI decreased significantly. In early American […]

19.09.2019: Oil to resume its growth (BRENT, USD/RUB)

Oil prices are still making a correctional decline. Yesterday, the price for Brent oil fell to nearly 63 dollars 20 cents a barrel where the support level was formed. This is how traders reacted to the statement from Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom intends to restore the previous rates of its oil output in about three […]

27.08.2019: Crude oil reverses higher (Brent, RUB, USD)

Yesterday, oil prices recovered amid encouraging comments from the US and Chinese officials. Reportedly, the parties may resume negotiations. This news provided support to oil futures, so the downward trend reversed. However, the Brent crude benchmark remained in the red zone below 59 dollars per barrel at the market closing. Today, a negative sentiment prevails […]

13.08.2019: Can oil resume growth? (BRENT, USD, RUB)

Will oil resume its uptrend? It may happen, however, the chances are extremely small. Such a scenario requires major interruptions in oil supplies to occur. Currently, the risk of oil demand reduction amid the escalating conflict of the two largest oil consumers – China and the United States – rules the market. Even the news […]

14.03.2019: Dollar and Bitcoin resume rally (USD, CAD, BRENT, BTC)

At the opening of the American trading session the investor sentiment remained unchanged. The pound sterling was trading mixed ahead of yet another vote on Brexit in the UK Parliament. At the same time, the euro lost ground against the US dollar amid downbeat inflation data from Germany. Meanwhile, the American dollar was trying to […]

Trader’s calendar for February June 24 – 26: Will USD resume rally (USD, EUR, NZD)

It seems unlikely now that any piece of news can change the current market sentiment. However, it is possible, and we may witness a recovery of the US dollar. What events can trigger such a drastic change? To find it our, watch our video calendar for traders on InstaForex TV. On Monday, the US dollar […]

Trader’s calendar November 8 – 9: Dollar set to resume rally

The second part of this trading week is likely to maintain the current momentum. Traders will continue monitoring publications of macroeconomic statistics. On Thursday China will release the trade balance data. The ongoing conflict between the United States and China has a profound effect on the market sentiment. In particular, appetite for risk decreases, so […]

02.05.2019: USD set to resume rally (USD, CAD, GBP)

Traders did not hurry to sell the US dollars despite some disappointing statistics from the Unied States. Perhaps, market participants hope that the American currency will resume a rally. Out of all macroeconomic reports that saw the light today, the most interesting one was the nonfarm productivity change report. It showed an unexpected surge of […]