Africa’s Cowboy Capitalists (Full Length)

[MUSIC PLAYING] IAN COX: As Americans, we put a lot of stake in how we’re all about the frontier, and have the frontier spirit. All that kind of stuff is in the history books now. But I think there is a group of individuals in America, and they still have that innate sense of going […]

Gay Men Decide Who’s the Gayest | Lineup | Cut

– You gave me a nine and you gave me a one. – Oh! (laughing) – He like watches sports for fun. That’s not gay. (inquisitive music) – [Interviewer] On a scale of one to ten, how gay are you? – Uh, 100. And I’m a drag queen, so. (laughs) That’s just it. – I […]

5 Most Common Boarding School Interview Questions –

(guitar strum) Dov: Hi, my name is Dov, and I’m the Director of Logistics and Operations here at Top Test Prep. Today I like to go over with you the five most common questions that are asked during the Boarding School Interview. The interview is a crucial part of the application process. It really gives […]

Job interview questions and answers (Part 5): What are your weaknesses?

In this week’s job search tip, we’re going to be going over interview questions and answers. Today, we’re gonna be tacking the scary “What are your weaknesses?” question. We’re gonna look at it from a couple different angles and find out what employers are really asking. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, […]

Job Search Accelerator

Before Job Search Accelerator, I was dutifully sending out resumes. I was trolling through all the job listings online. I didn’t understand that that is not the best way to get a job. This has probably been one of the most, like, instrumental opportunities that I’ve ever had. What we were working on sort of […]

Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal Interview Each Other | Digital Cover Shoot | Entertainment Weekly

Hey guys, we are here on the set of Entertainment Weekly’s first ever digital cover What do you remember about the first time you met me we’re at a restaurant and I saw you from across the room and My heart just exploded You know, and I remember walking up to him and said to […]

LARPing Saved My Life

OK Jungs, reißt ihnen das Fleisch von den Knochen! Zerschmettert es eins, zerschmettert es zwei, zerschmettert es drei, zerschmettert es vier. Hinter euch. Pulverisieren drei. Es ist kein Spiel. Es ist kein interaktives Schauspiel. Es ist weder ein Theaterstück noch eine Aufführung. Das ist eine eigene Welt. Larpen hat mir dabei geholfen, meinen Autismus und […]

Campus Argument Goes Viral As Evergreen State Is Caught In Racial Turmoil (HBO)

Last month, Evergreen State College in Washington went crazy— when a professor of evolutionary biology named Brett Weinstein objected to a Day of Absence— when white students and faculty were asked to voluntarily leave campus. Weinstein branded it a form of racial segregation. A group of student protesters called him a racist. The confrontation incited […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Job Interviews: Common Question Topics

Okay, there are certain kinds of questions that you can pretty well guarantee you are going to be asked, and we’re going to talk about those general questions right now, and this will happen ninety-nine percent of the time. Obviously you’re going to be asked about your skills, and you want to be able to […]

11. Tip No.11 on interview preparation. Is the STAR technique good to answer interview questions?

Hi, I’m sharing with you today tip number 11 for interview preparation. One of the best ways to answer any interview question is to answer it with the STAR technique. S T A R. It really is a very simple formula to be able to give an answer that is logical and structured and really […]