Céline Dion Settles the Jack and Rose Titanic Door Debate

-i don’t know if you know this, but we’re in the middle of a Céline-issance. -you should have let me know. I would have dressed appropriately. -some magazine said that it’s the rebirth of Céline Dion. We’re in a Céline-issance. And I go, “I love that.” -it’s kind of nice. Well, I feel like I’m […]

[Interview] Alexander C. Bennett – Studying Japanese History to a PhD in Japan (S01E04)

Alexander C. Bennett has two PHDs in Human Studies and Sciences from the University of Canterbury and Kyoto University. He holds the ranks of 7th dan Kyoshi in Kendo, 5th dan in Iaido and Naginata, 3rd Dan in Jukendo and Tankendo. He is professor at Kansai University of both Kendo and Japanese Culture and History, […]

Music Auditions at Guildhall

So at first I was really nervous, obviously, you normally offer any audition that you have, but as soon as I stepped foot in the room that I had my audition in I just felt really relaxed, the panel made me feel so relaxed, the trio behind me were just great and really supportive, and […]

Interview with Yann Lipnick (2014)

“Le Chou Brave”, magazine on living food and abundance, presents “Vital’Liens” My name is Yann Lipnick. I’m a geobiologist and I was asked for an interview. So, I will answer your questions. Could you tell us about your journey? How did it start? Yes. It started in my earliest childhood. I was passionate about the […]

Behavioral Interview Questions Answers Guidance 2018 | Interview

How to be successful at any interview situation? Career of each employee starts from a major step, the Interview. Preparing for interview is of as much importance as studying for getting a degree. Interview process is stressful for all but it does not have to be, if you go adequately prepared. Being prepared will help […]

tips and advice for when you have your PIP interview or assessment

please about my paper assessment because I’ve had a couple now Jim I don’t bloody duckies anyway the point being loads of times people I say well how did you go to there other now had loads of bad advice about having a pipe interview from a talks and although Facebook horror stories and all […]

100 Civics Questions (in random order) for Your U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David

This Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship Podcast. Today we will listen to our interview with Officer David. He will ask (all of) the USCIS civics questions (in random order). Let’s get started. What is a supreme law of the land? the Constitution What is the economic system in the United States? a market economy The […]

Interview & Shooting: Jim Sullivan, AR-15 Designer

L James Sullivan [or] [Jim] Sullivan the one And you’re one of the original members of the AR-15 design team yeah Yeah, it was so I think there are a lot [of] people who really they know they recognize the ar today but first of all a lot of people [don’t] appreciate the fact that […]

Demi Lovato Tell All Interview: Talks About History of Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders and Violence

In the wake of the success of her recent album and hit single, Demi Lovato has opened up about her darker days. Hi everyone I’m Brian Corsetti and Hollywoodlife.com has all the details. Demi Lovato broke into showbiz at 7 years old — was a bona fide pop star at 15, and now at 19 […]