How To Prepare For A Job Interview – Best Video!

hi everyone my name is Dennis I’ve been working in technology for the last 10 years working in big companies such as Google but now in more recent times smaller companies and I interview a lot of candidates for jobs in account management and sales so what I’m gonna do today is let you know […]

Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers!

hi everyone Dennis here I’ve been successfully working in the tech space for over 10 years now working at big companies such as Google for eight years and as well as smaller startup companies as well so what I’m going to talk to you about today is top 10 interview questions so number one the […]

Job Interview questions and answers – Fildelity investment interview

Hi I’m Vishal Yadav, pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering from Delhi Technological University. I’m placed at Fidelity Investment. I would like to thank Placement Boat for giving me the opportunity to share my job experience with you guys. Fidelity Investment is a MNC which provides mutual funds, investment management, and admission in expertise to a […]

Preparation of python interview questions and answers | interview tips

Interview Preparation in Python Common Interview Question & Answer

Interview Questions and Answers Series by Shalu Pal – Video 3 (English)

Hello friends,welcome to interview and answer tutorial by me. My name is shalu pal and today the question which i am going to cover in this video is.what is the biggest chalenge you have faced in work. many times in interview the interviwer ask you this question. so how to answer this question.I will tell […]

Interview Tips (How to Answer Interview Question) | What are your Strength and Weakness?

To demonstrate how to give an answer for strenth and weaknesses please do not write anything What i m going to share is am going to share some examples from my personal life I will assume that you will do some homework before you prepare for an interview preparation for an interview itself is very […]

How to Answer Tell Me Something About Yourself Interview Question?

Hi friends Welcome to myTectra career question & answers videos in this series of videos We are going to talk about different questions which are asked by the HR in freshers interviews So specifically in this video we will talk about how we answer to the question. Tell me something about yourself If you ask […]