How To: Answer Tough Interview Questions

There are interview questions that everyone should be ready for. Why are you interested in this position? This is your chance to show that you know what the job entails and why you’re qualified for it. What do you know about our company? Do your research and make sure you understand the company’s products, services, […]

Answering Job Interview Questions In English For Real Estate Experts

Do you have a job interview coming up? Have you been practicing your English but could use a few tips for a job interview situation? I’m Jennie from Real Estate English Academy. In this video, I’ll talk about three questions you’re likely to encounter when interviewing for a job in English and I’ll give you […]


What is your strength interview question | Best answer in Hindi

What is your strength ow what are your strength interview question. What is your strength – interview question – In this video I will teach you the What is your strength job interview answer so you can stand out in front of hiring managers and land more job offers? This interview question lecture is going […]

How to interview for a job in English

Did you know that in the US If you submit a résumé with a photo Some employers would just disregard it Cause’ in America you can not discriminate people based on their gender, appearance, age, So it’s really uncommon to put your photo on a résumé here But if I was talking about the UK […]

Small-Business Hiring Advice : Good Interview Questions to Ask an Interviewee

A lot of times the people that are sitting across being interviewed have actually had more coaching and more training on how to be a good interview than the person conducting the interview. So, know that a small business owners are sometimes at a disadvantage. Now, the good interview questions, I really want you to […]

How to Prepare & Conduct a Video Interview : Setting Up Multiple Cameras for a Video Interview

My name’s Owen Roth, and in this clip I’ll be talking about how to do a multi-camera setup for a video interview. Okay, so this is the location, obviously, I’m using for the multi-camera setup. And it’s pretty similar to my single camera setup, only I’ve added another camera. And it depends on how many […]

Questions to ask your interviewers

Hey! My name is Linda, and I’m a recruiter here at Indeed. Job interviews should feel like a conversation. In fact, interviewers like me expect you to ask questions. When you do, it shows us that you care about the job. And that’s actually what we’re looking for: excitement about the role. The best time […]

Want to Rock your Next Interview? Here are Top 10 Job Interview Tips!

Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram…Interview.. Do you also get this nervous with the thought of an Interview, do you think your nervousness is costing you a great opportunity, don’t fret because we have the perfect solution. Here are top 10 Interview tips to ensure that you rock that interview. You may be the best candidate […]

How to Prepare & Conduct a Video Interview : Choosing an Outdoor Location for a Video Interview

My name is Owen Roth, and in this clip I’ll be talking about how to choose a good outdoor location for a video interview. Okay, so there’s a few things you want to think about when choosing your location for an outdoor interview. One is the sun, the weather, because in bad weather obviously, rain, […]