JOB INTERVIEW Questions and Answers

Hello! Welcome to a new video! It’s crazy how comfortable I feel in this chair! After the last 2 weeks of shooting one video in my kitchen, where I shared my busy person-yummy recipe with you and last week in the make up chair, both very new formats for me, this feels so… nurturing! Today’s […]

How to answer TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF interview question

So you sent off your CV and your covering letter for that dream job and they’re impressed! You’re called to the interview they welcome you, you shake hands and they ask you the first question “Tell me about yourself?” what do you do? what do you say? where do you begin? well this question will […]

Interview Tips (How to Answer Interview Question) | What are your Strength and Weakness?

To demonstrate how to give an answer for strenth and weaknesses please do not write anything What i m going to share is am going to share some examples from my personal life I will assume that you will do some homework before you prepare for an interview preparation for an interview itself is very […]

πŸ‘Š Interview Question | A Time When You Disagreed with Your Boss (+ Example)

well hello there i’m natalie and i’m back with another video your career lifeguard and author of get any job you want today we’ve got a powerful story to tell and we need to learn how to tell it for a job interview now that story is tell me about a time when you disagree […]

πŸ‘Š Interview Question | A Time You Had a Conflict at Work. Workplace Conflict.

in this video we will answer the situational interview question we ordered tell me about a time you had a conflict at work in this video we’re going to cover why this question is asked so what the interviewer is thinking behind the scenes what to say when you’re answering this question how to answer […]