Artificial Intelligence Job Interview

You know, first we had the applicant tracking system, the ATS to deal with. We had to get our resume past the ATS into the attention of the recruiter, if not the hiring manager. Now we have to deal with AI. My name is bill Benoist. I’m a certified professional career coach here in Silicon […]

Unexpected Interview Questions: Are You Ready?

I don’t know what he would say I would ask him what are you doing here? (Intro Music) I’ve heard of an interviewer who always crumples a piece of paper and throws it down at the beginning of the interview before the interviewee walks in and the interviewer is looking to see how detail oriented […]

The 5 Ways To Be MECE In Case Interviews

Have you ever noticed how everyone tells you you should be MECE when structuring your cases, but no one actually shows you how to do it beyond a few simplistic examples. Back when I was a candidate, I got so frustrated because all the case interview experts would lecture at me and say, “you should […]

4 Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

– This is the most common discussion I have. I could probably spend literally all day coaching people on how to prepare for an interview. (gentle upbeat music) You’re prepping for an interview and let me guess. You’re Googling interview questions. What are the toughest interview questions? Stop now. Here’s the best way to be […]

How to prepare for an interview: Interview tips for tech jobs

Tech candidates who show the most commitment to interview preparation tend to get more offers. So do something different, don’t just check the company website, research recent news and industry blogs for updates on the company’s activities and work out why you specifically want to work for them.

How to prepare for an interview: Interview tips for financial services and accounting jobs

If you fail to prepare prepare to fail. That’s the warning from our finance and professional recruiters. So make sure you learn everything you can about the company and the role. Then prepare some intelligent questions to show off your knowledge of the industry.

How to prepare for an interview: Interview tips for education jobs

Our experts in education recruitment recommend setting up a mock interview with your consultant so you can practice answering questions set by the teaching standards agency. On the day, be enthusiastic and positive and think about what you can bring to the school or organization.

Best video interview tips and advice for young professional.

Hi everyone This is Jiro and Today the topic will be debating about the future prospect of the public sector job market and I would like to get a view and the advice from one of the our guests for today’s interview His name’s Michael, he got a few year expertises and experience in the […]

How to prepare for an interview: Interview tips for construction, property and engineering jobs

When it comes to a job interview in the construction, property and engineering sectors planning is everything. Make sure you research the project you’re applying for and prepare portfolio with your relevant work to showcase during the interview.

#interview prep, resume, & freshmen/sophomores for #Google

This is basically how I prepared for my Google interview. First, this book, Second, the MIT OpenCourseWare lectures on data structures, that was really helpful. They’re super good lectures. and third, it was the HackerRank 30 days of code It just got me coding every single day and had a plan laid out. I highly […]