Interview Preparation Hacking

Hey there so maybe you clicked on this video because you’re in a position where you have a few weeks to prepare for an upcoming interview. It’s a really big important interview, a job that you really want, an opportunity that you really want and you want to know what is the best way to […]

Interview Preparation (for Job Hunters)

You just got yourself an interview, congratulations! Someone thinks you look good on paper. But now, you have to prove it and I am here to help you with that. Welcome if you’re new here, I am Jade and this is my channel Misskoko where I ,as an Online Presence specialist help job seekers in […]

The Worst Thing You Can Say in a Job Interview, According to a Hiring Expert | Inc.

When I’m interviewing some of the things that really tend to bother me I don’t know if they’re necessarily a turn-off what really bothers me as somebody says I’ll do whatever it takes speaking in generalities and extremes always rubs me wrong whether I’m just a nut for semantics and word choice but when somebody […]

Recruitment Interview Preparation – Entering the “Zone” – Totaljobs

Hi, I’m Phillip Hodson, media consultant for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy among others. I’m here to give you effective tips on communication skills in recruitment interviews. Entering the zone Two points. Peak performance at anything from sport to songwriting to tantric sex if you’re Sting, is optimised when you lose your sense […]


Hi there, everybody. My name is Richard McMunn, from the career guidance company, and in this next training video, I’m going to give you a whole load of situational interview questions and answers to help you pass your interview. So, a very warm welcome to this tutorial. My name is Richard McMunn. That’s me […]

NEVER Go to an Interview Without Knowing These 5 Most Common Interview Questions

Want to know what the five most common interview questions are but also how to nail them say that you stand out from amongst your competition? If so then stay tuned. Hey I’m Kevin Ruess with Interview Victory and you know I might be dating myself here but when I was a kid there was […]

Interview Preparation Checklist (How to Slay Your Interview)

Jennifer Tardy: Hey job seekers. Jennifer Tardy here on the Career Success Channel. I am your career success coach, and today I’m going to teach you all about your interview preparation checklist. Follow these tips and learn exactly how to slay your interview. Stick around through the very end, because I am going to share […]

7 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers | Business English Course Lesson 4

– Hello everyone and welcome back to English With Lucy. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about job interview questions and how to answer them. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) In this lesson, we’re going to discuss seven of the most commonly used interview questions, how to answer them correctly, and how to […]

How to Answer “What are your Weaknesses” in 3 minutes – Tough Interview Questions

what are your weaknesses it’s probably one of the trickiest and most problematic questions you’re going to come across an interview and it’s one that I get asked about all the time despite it being an open-ended question it’s forcing you to talk about yourself in a negative way however before we go into actually […]

How to Prepare a Second Interview Presentation

I recommend to candidates that they put together a presentation at second interview, even if they haven’t been asked. And when I walk you through what I recommend that you do, I think it will make sense, because what it does is it makes you really think, do I actually want to work for this […]