Passive Income Ideas 😴 (BEST Ways to Make Money While You Sleep!)

What is up my beautiful ninja family! Today we’re going to talk about top 4 Ways to earn passive income while you Sleep and I’m going to debunk the number One most common myth about earning Passive income so that you can start Making money today it’s going to be a Good one guys stay […]

10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs

Are you thinking about changing careers but feeling intimidated about the education and licensure associated with well-paying jobs? Exactly how much GRUNT work does it take to get the GRATIFICATION of a new career making at least six figures? We did the math on the grunt-to-grat ratio for you, with 10 jobs you wouldn’t expect […]

11 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

We don’t need to tell you that some teenagers have made a lot of money, but the richest have done so mainly because they became celebrities through music or acting or even YouTube. Some teens have even made a small fortune as entrepreneurs. But today we are going to talk about what you might call […]

How to Write a Media Deck for getting YouTube Sponsors

– A few weeks ago I published a full length YouTube channel consultation I did with a channel that was just going full time on YouTube and one of the things we talked about is Media Deck. And YumYucky wrote and asked this question on that video, “Can you talk more about the Media Deck? […]