How to Magically Connect with Anyone | Brian Miller (Summarized Version)

Magician’s have a unique dilemma. The magician is the only person who cannot see the magic. Because, I know how the trick works. So the magician must wholely and completely take on the point of view of the audience. Perspective taking is the ability to see the world from the point of view of another […]

Repotting Water Lilies: Revive Dying Water Lily By Replanting

Hi! This water lily was repotted one month ago and it is now doing very well. It fills its 50 gallon tub, its pads are the size of my hand, and there’s a lot of blooms. Prior to me repotting it, this plant was not doing well. Despite adequate sunshine, warm weather, and applied fertilizer; […]


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How to Practice E-Mail Etiquette : Summarizing & E-Mail Etiquette

Alright, something else that you want to do is reference back when you are responding to an email. And what I mean is reference back to what the sender’s email was about. And this might be, okay let’s say you’re responding to a question. If you’re responding to a question, then you want to restate […]

Question Tags: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 22

Hello, and welcome to today’s Grammar Gameshow! I’m your host, Will! Just try and contract me, you’ll see what happens! And of course, let’s not forget Leslie, our all-knowing voice in the sky. Hello, everyone! Tonight, we’re going to ask you three questions about… Question tags! Those little auxiliary verb plus pronoun combinations for checking […]

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 3!!! Learn How To Make Spongebob Star Wars Jedi & Wonder Woman DIY Pancake!

Interviewing for Research Projects : Research Projects: Types of Interview Questions

All right, I want to talk to you for a minute about the questioning process of the interview. Now I know that you have already prepared your ideas of the questions that you want to ask. But I want to give you just a little bit more information about preparing those questions as well as […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Trainer -Interview with Lisa Kadane-Best Health Magazine

People who have been on again off again with diets, but can’t seem to lose weight Well if you don’t have someone who can begin to understand the most basic foundation concepts of nutrition But also the psychology of eating, how are they going to help you? They’ll just give you a diet, It’ll work […]

Interview question and answer – Samsung Interview

Hello everyone, myself Vishwendra Singh Tomar. I would like to thank the Placement Boat team for providing me this platform where I’m going to share my placement experience with Samsung Engineering. Samsung group is a very big group, which constitutes of 17 companies and ranked among top 50 fortune companies It has 3 subdivisions related […]

interview question and answer – EXL interview

Hello, I’m Mahim Dwivedi, I’m pursuing Electrical Engineering from DTU. I’m placed at EXL services. And I would like to thank Placement Boat for giving me this opportunity to share my interview experience. EXL is BPO firm. It looks deeper into existing business models and provides smarter and effective management operation solutions, corporate finance models, […]