Behavioral Interview Questions Answers Guidance 2018 | Interview

How to be successful at any interview situation? Career of each employee starts from a major step, the Interview. Preparing for interview is of as much importance as studying for getting a degree. Interview process is stressful for all but it does not have to be, if you go adequately prepared. Being prepared will help […]

How To Prepare For A Job Interview – Best Video!

hi everyone my name is Dennis I’ve been working in technology for the last 10 years working in big companies such as Google but now in more recent times smaller companies and I interview a lot of candidates for jobs in account management and sales so what I’m gonna do today is let you know […]

Job Interview Questions and Answers (TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF)

Hi guys. Jennifer Tardy here. I am your career success coach and today we are talking about job interview questions and answers. Today’s question is tell me about yourself. Make sure that you tune into this video. We are going to show you what not to say, what to say, how I would answer that […]

Storytelling-The Best Way to Answer Job Interview Questions

The best way to answer is to tell stories. Exciting stories make you stand out from other candidates . Your stories should be full of action ups and downs. Include the element of unexpectedness unusual action something surprising.This would leave a long lasting impact because they will remember you make sure it’s professional but at […]


Hey job seekers, Jennifer Tardy here, your career success coach, and today we’re talking all about job interview questions and answers. With today’s question being, what are your strengths? I cannot wait to answer this question for you. Don’t forget that if you are tuning in, to stick all the way around to the very […]

How to Prepare for an In-Person Interview

Our job as an Executive search firm is to find the very best talent for our clients and the reality is that talent is not looking for a job. And then it becomes time that engage them in the opportunity and they are very interested in it that they go in and interview and it’s […]

How to Prepare For Group Discussions | GD Topics with Answers | Job Interview | MBA

Normally, when you sit in a Group Discussion room ‘she’ starts opposing you, ‘he’ starts Shouting and those two people are arguing among themselves only. And in this noisy room you are supposed to impress the examiner so that you clear the GD round. Be it for MBA, Job Recruitment or Bank Exams, Group Discussion […]

How to Prepare for your Fine Art Interview | Newcastle University

– Hello and welcome. This video is gonna give you tips on preparing for your interview. When you come for interview, you’re gonna bring your actual portfolio with original work in it. Bring as much work as you can, we’ll look at everything that you bring. It’s probably gonna have more work in it than […]

Best way to Crack IT Interview Part 1 – Resume Preparation

Hi guys welcome to quick tips This is Raghav. I have been into IT profession for a decade or so and have given interviews into several reputed organizations. Going through these interviews have taught me several key aspects of interview process and interviewer’s thought process of selection or rejection. So I just though of sharing […]