How to do a Resume

Hey everybody it’s Jessica. I decided to make a video about how to write a proper resume and have a killer cover letter to go along with it. So I recently graduated college and was absolutely stumped at what to do in terms of writing a good resume so that I could start looking for […]

How to do a job interview on Skype – Tips for success

Hi, everyone. I’m Jade. What we’re talking about today is Skype job interviews. So I’m going to give you some tips and advice that I know about… I work on Skype, I’m always on Skype because that’s how I teach on Skype so this is everything I know from my experience of working on Skype. […]

20 Tips to Ace Any Job Interview!

Hey, so we took to Tumblr to ask you for your best advice RE: Job Interviews and this is what you said. Before the interview: Nikoikoi (?) says, “If you’re going around applying to different places be dressed nicely enough to do the interview right then and there because that could happen. Superwhofflepuff answered: Look […]

Phoenix College S.T.E.M Program: How to write a resume

a well-crafted resume will open doors and increase your job opportunities the top three tips for building your resume our number one target your resume resumes are reviewed in an average of 15 seconds do your best to keep it to one page if necessary use an extra page if the information is relevant to […]

Big Employment Gap? That’s Your Edge!

Big Employment Gap? That’s your edge! If you’ve been unemployed for more than 6 months, you’ve likely already seen employers start to shy away, wondering why it’s taking you so long to find a job. They think, “If no one else is hiring this person, why should I? What if they make me look bad?” […]