JOB INTERVIEW Questions and Answers

Hello! Welcome to a new video! It’s crazy how comfortable I feel in this chair! After the last 2 weeks of shooting one video in my kitchen, where I shared my busy person-yummy recipe with you and last week in the make up chair, both very new formats for me, this feels so… nurturing! Today’s […]

Interview Questions: Tell Me About Yourself

Hey everyone, I am Vincent and today going to be talking about the age old job interview question: Tell me about yourself. Now the question is asked at the start of most job interviews at every company and there’s many different ways to be able to word this question but for the most part they’re […]

Job Interview Tips: How to Ace an Interview to Get the Job Even if Your Mind Goes Blank

So the subject of this video is actually as a result of someone’s recent question and I’m always looking for questions and suggestions of videos that I can do. Here’s a question that I got on my Youtube channel, from a Karma Ella a couple of days ago and it says ” What do I […]

Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself” The Perfect Answer πŸ†

Hi there thanks for joining us today for the interview. Why don’t you start out by telling us a little bit about yourself are you a hundred percent sure that you know how to answer this question correctly because you need to because it’s going to affect the entire interview going forward and unfortunately if […]

πŸ‘Š Interview Question | A Time When You Disagreed with Your Boss (+ Example)

well hello there i’m natalie and i’m back with another video your career lifeguard and author of get any job you want today we’ve got a powerful story to tell and we need to learn how to tell it for a job interview now that story is tell me about a time when you disagree […]

How to Answer Questions in a Job Interview

Hi everyone, it’s Andy LaCivita, founder of milewalk, and the milewalk Academy, and award-winning author of The Hiring Prophecies, bringing you this three part video and email series titled, Three Keys to Acing Any Job Interview. This is video two, so if you haven’t seen video one, you might want to pause me and check […]