Hello, my name is Richard McMunn from the interview training company, and in this tutorial, I am going to give you my top seven interview tips. Now, it does not matter what interview you have coming up, this tutorial is gonna make a huge difference to your preparation! I’ve combined all of my years’ […]

Interview Practice | Kitchen Hand

Hi, I’m James. I’m a restaurant owner and I’m going to take you through some interview questions for a kitchenhand. I’ll ask you some common interview questions and I recommend you pause the video after each one to think about how you’d answer it. Say your answers out loud to practice what would it be […]


Hey there, and welcome to this tutorial! My name is Richard McMunn from the Interview Training Company, and in this video, we’re going to focus on the five common interview questions and answers. So it does not matter what kind of interview you’ve got coming up. These are the top five common interview questions […]

Top 5 Interview Questions

Hi there in this video I’m going to cover the five most important interview questions to be prepared for so that way you in the interview and the job offer hi I’m Ian Jenkins founder of job hunting secrets dot-com where we equip job seekers to find new job opportunities in less time now preparing […]

Tell Me Something About Yourself | Top Interview Questions | Interview Tips

Hey Everyone, this is VIren from aasaanjobs and in this video we’re gonna talk about one of the most common interview questions tell me something about yourself. Now chances are that this is going to be the first question you hear as soon as you sit down for your interview and it is also one […]

Interview Questions And Answers – Tell Me About Yourself

in preparing for an interview it’s important to know how you’re going to answer what’s often the very first question they ask you an interview tell me about yourself well there are many schools of thought and how to answer this question so let me share with you three of the most popular approaches so […]

5 GREAT Interview Questions and Answers!

Hi, everybody and welcome to this next tutorial which is behavioral interview questions and answers. A quick warm welcome to this presentation. That’s me there on the right-hand side, as normal, I’ve been helping people like you for over 20 years now to pass their interviews and I’m having great success at it via these […]

HOW TO ANSWER Interview Questions: PASS Your INTERVIEW!

Hi everybody! My name is Richard McMunn, and in this training video, I’m going to teach you how to answer any kind of interview question whatsoever. It’s a relatively short video but I promise you, if you have an interview coming up, it doesn’t matter what it is, I promise you if you watch this […]

20 Tips to Ace Any Job Interview!

Hey, so we took to Tumblr to ask you for your best advice RE: Job Interviews and this is what you said. Before the interview: Nikoikoi (?) says, “If you’re going around applying to different places be dressed nicely enough to do the interview right then and there because that could happen. Superwhofflepuff answered: Look […]

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses | Interview Questions and answers

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome back to another interview series video at Aasaanjobs. In the last video we discussed a common interview question “Why should we hire you”. In case you missed it the link is in the description Do click it and watch the video again. In this video we are going […]