Runaway 911 part 1 | Garry’s Mod

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en. Welcome to Garry’s Mod. This map called Runaway Part 1 Say hello to Kenny Story… We’re the police officers I guess we’re going to the abandoned house The rules and tips. Ok Nice nice nice This is a short film. Nice Kenny: Wow. This will be a high-quality map […]

The Thing (1982) KILL COUNT

Welcome to the Killcount where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies I’m James A. Janisse and today We’re looking at one of my all-time favorite movies the thing released in 1982 and directed by John Carpenter People ask me all the time what my favorite horror movie is and while […]

Insidious (2010) Official Trailer #1 – James Wan Movie HD

English Are you ready? Yeah (Metronome Clicks) Hey, sweetie? Morning guys (Laughter) (Wood breaking) He’s not in a coma They don’t know what to call it (Rocking chair creak) (Door creak) (Static) (Unintelligible) NOW (Cries) I went into Dalton’s room There was something in there with him Dalton! Dalton! (Grunts) I know someone who can […]

Doyle is 138, Gore Noir Magazine interview

Ready? Hey this is Mitch with Gore Noir Magazine and I’m sitting here with Doyle. How’s it going Doyle? Great, How are you doin? Doing good, so we are about to see your show, what are we in store for? Uh.. An Abomination An Abomination? So uh.. We want to talk a little bit more […]

Dawn of the Dead (4/11) Movie CLIP – The Dead Will Walk the Earth (2004) HD

– ‘And how does this spread?’|- This is shit. The same thing all day. Tell me something I don’t know, asshole! – ‘we’re going off the air… ‘|- wanna hear something that sucks? ‘… and switching to|the emergency broadcasting system.’ – You know that chick at dairy queen?|- ‘I don’t know when we’ll be back.’ […]

IT CHAPTER TWO – Final Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪Something happens to you when you leave this town.The farther away the hazier it all gets.But me…I never left.I remember all of it.Help me! Help me! [Laughing] To the losers. We made an oath.Swear?If it isn’t dead…if it ever comes back…we’ll come back too.We didn’t stop it. Pennywise.The clown.[Laughing]We can’t let it happen again.Hello? Kid? […]

Prank Encounters | Official Trailer | Netflix

Oh, my God. We have reason to believe that Lucius might be on the property. Oh, guys, what is that? What? What was that? -I don’t– -What was it? Down! Oh, my… You’re on Prank Encounters. Is this the kid from Stranger Things? All right, guys, let’s do this. -How are you? -Good. How are […]

Eli | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hey, I’m Hayley. I live down the road.I’m Eli. They say you’re what, like, allergic to the world, right? I guess you can say that.We looked everywhere for a doctor to help you.-You’re gonna get better. -Promise?Promise. -Hello, Eli. I’m Dr. Horn. -Hello.I hope you don’t think of this as a medical facility.To me, it’s […]

In the Tall Grass | Official Trailer | Netflix

Help! I’m lost in here! Did you hear that? Is someone out there? Help me! Help me! Cal? Becky? Something’s not right about this. I think we should head back to the road. Becky? Travis? Who are you? What’s going on? I came looking for you. What? How did you get here before us? I […]