History Summarized: Byzantine Beginnings

Blue: You ever lie awake at night, thinking wistfully about the Roman Empire? Or is that just a me thing? *sigh* This is so sad. Okay. Alexa, play ‘Roman Empire 2’. Oh, HELL yeah, this is my jam! You see, the big plot twist of the fall of Rome is that it didn’t. While the […]

History Summarized: Ramses The Great

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it another thousand times Egyptian history is long and a lot of people have been Pharaoh over the centuries, but no one quite Embodies the role like ramses ii during his rule in the 1200 s bc he fought a lot built a lot and had a lot […]

History Summarized: The Ottoman Empire

The Great Revival – Episode【17】English Subtitles [2007] HD

You are back, officer Where is the king? He went to Huiji camp Why? To deploy troops 0h no 0fficer It is not the crucial moment Two kings will have an interview I think Fucha will agree to it It is a false front A false front for me to see He is having a […]

The Great Revival – Episode【04】English Subtitles [2007]

Field Marshal Censor Field Marshal, come with me. Let’s go to the king I’m no longer the Field Marshal But if you don’t see the king now, you may never see him again Your Majesty… What happened to you? I did wrong Not your fault I will fetch the best healer Don’t bother Leave us […]

History Summarized: Akhenaten

Ancient Egyptian mythology is a complex beast, with hundreds, if not thousands of deities, and a sophistocated bureaucracy of priests overseeing the management of religion across the empire. What happens when that entire polytheistic system gets forcibly co-opted into monotheism instead? Well, one king actually tried to do it, and he would have gotten away […]

History Summarized: Mexico

Mexico has got a lot going on in its history, from ancient civilizations building temples to the Sun and sowing panic about the year 2012, to a great Empire with a city in the middle of a lake and a habit of hucking people off of pyramids, to its less-than-willing participation in New World globalization […]

History Summarized: Mesopotamia — The Bronze Age

Welcome to the Bronze Age: an 11 part collaboration of historical YouTube channels. Be sure to follow up with the video by Epimetheus by checking out the playlist in the description As first up in this big bronze bonanza, I’ll be taking you back to the very beginning. Nope. No too far. No, a little […]

History Summarized: Ancient India

Ancient Indian history feels like the halfway point between a fairy tale and a Lovecraft story. On the one hand, you have fables of princes going out into the wild to seek enlightenment, and guilt-ridden emperors swearing off of conquest and becoming legendary peacemakers, but there are also entire cosmologies simply spoken into existence, and […]

History Summarized: Ancient China

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. More on that later. The Empire, long divided must unite – long united, must divide. Thus, it has ever been. So opens the famous Chinese tale “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, or to put it another way, China is whole again! Then it broke again! And […]