What Truly Separates The Rich From The Poor

In the world we live in today, the richest 1% of the population controls 48% of the total wealth and the top 80 richest individuals are worth as much as half the world’s population or roughly 3.5 billion people. When considering these figures, there is no doubting the fact that there is a separation between […]

Exclusive Interview With Viji Director & Dialog writer talks about his experience

I am Viji. Hello Nettv4u viewers. I wrote dialogue for 36 Vayathinilae. Before that I directed Velli Thirai, Alli Thanta Vaanam I have worked in so many films like Majaa, Azhagiya Theeyae, Bala, Mayavi, Mozhi My native is Movanchery village near Papanasam which next to Uttamanathan U.V.Swaminathan Aiyar’s native place I did my schooling in […]

Tom Cruise Interviews That Got Out Of Hand

After kicking off his acting career in the early ’80s, Tom Cruise quickly became a household name, regularly fronting successful franchises like Mission: Impossible. But this A-list actor is no stranger to controversy. Let’s take a look at the wildest Tom Cruise interviews ever. As one of Scientology’s most famous proponents, Tom Cruise’s involvement with […]

Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

COMM: Romario Dos Santos Alves has modelled his huge frame on his favourite superhero. The Incredible Hulk. But his obsession with injecting muscle enhancing oil into his body, has almost cost him his sanity. And his life. COMM: Three years ago 25-year-old keen bodybuilder Romario had a chance encounter that sent his life into a […]

The Ending Of Breaking Bad Finally Explained

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in TV history, and after five seasons, it all led to an ending that people still talk about today. But if you need a helping hand to understand that final episode, well then, let’s cook. Creator Vince Gilligan had one of the best high-concept hooks for Breaking […]

The Ending Of It: Chapter Two Explained

How well does the sequel to 2017’s It adapt Stephen King’s classic novel while tying up all the loose ends from the first installment? Let’s roll up our sleeves, wade into the sewers and dig into the details of how the saga ends. This is the ending of It: Chapter Two explained. And before you […]

Buck Finds Chimney Unconscious | Season 2 Ep. 13 | 9-1-1

DISPATCHER (ON PHONE): 9-1-1, what’s your emergency? EVAN BUCKLEY: I’m at 1832 Bryson Avenue. I have an adult male with multiple stab wounds to his torso. Need medical and police response. DISPATCHER (ON PHONE): OK, sir, can I get your name? Evan Buckley. I’m a firefighter with the 118. Buck? EVAN BUCKLEY (ON PHONE): Yeah. […]

Full interview – Jordan Peterson in Sweden, Kvartal

He is a world star and researcher that has swept over Sweden By questioning long standing dogmas And doing this with support of research JBP has brought out the worst from his critics: The [Swedish] foreign minister though he should crawl back under the rock from which he came And Center party leader Annie Lööf […]

Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly

At 17 Marcus Aurelius was adopted it made him heir to the throne of Rome Born into a wealthy family. Aurelius was primarily raised in a household of his grandfather Both his parents passed away relatively early in his life From the start his defining characteristic was his pursuit of knowledge He was drawn to […]

LE CORONER #1 – Battle Royale

“The teacher’s awakening” Battle Royale A bit radical, isn’t it? I couldn’t stand to hear her anymore. This will be her husband’s explanation. I like the sharpness, especially in cinema. And there’s a film that doesn’t lack of it. We’re in Battle Royale, a Japanese film by Kinji Fukasaku, released in 2000. Faced with the […]