Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice & Fire – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What it do, son? This week, we gettin royally f**ked with “A Game of Thrones,” by George R. R. Martin. Man, this is gonna be a b*tch. So, this book split up into a buncha different narratives. Each chapter is told from da perspective of one of the main characters like Ned, Daenerys, Jon, Arya […]

“Black Swallow of Death” – First African American World War I Fighter Pilot.

The year is 1917, and the French countryside, once some of the most beautiful land in Europe, is now a ruined craterscape that resembles the moon more than the earth. Two great opposing armies face against each other in trenches that span dozens of miles in places, and between them no man’s land, where not […]

History Summarized: Ramses The Great

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it another thousand times Egyptian history is long and a lot of people have been Pharaoh over the centuries, but no one quite Embodies the role like ramses ii during his rule in the 1200 s bc he fought a lot built a lot and had a lot […]

Henry Cavill Reads The Witcher | Netflix

– Good evening. My name is Henry Cavill, and I play Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s new series, “The Witcher.” I’m here to take you back to where we first met the witcher, this book, “The Last Wish.” Let’s begin, shall we? As usual, cats and children noticed him first. A striped tomcat sleeping on […]

Legends Summarized: Arthur’s Knights

I’ve already talked about how King Arthur is so interesting because even though everyone kind of has a feel for the mythos, it’s actually a huge pain in the butt to find anything concrete about it. Who’s who, what’s what, who’s related to who and how, are all things that tend to fluctuate from writer […]

The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Joaquin Phoenix

The brilliance that award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix displays on camera is unparalleled, but his private life is far less glamorous. Even the best screenwriters couldn’t capture the hardships and devastation the actor has lived through. This is his tragic real-life story. “Think what you think about me, hate me or like me, just don’t misunderstand […]

Star Wars Summarized: A Space Soap Opera

Did you ever think of Star Wars as a Sci-Fi Soap Opera? Well, it actually is. Lucas has even admitted that Star Wars was just a story about family relationships set on a Sci-Fi stage. I said “All I wanted to do is tell a story of what happened.” The issues of fathers and sons […]

PHILOSOPHY – Nietzsche

The challenge begins with how to pronounce his name. The first bit should sound like ‘Knee’, the second like ‘cha’ Knee – cha. Then we need to get past some of his extraordinary and provocative statements: ‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’ ‘God is dead! And we have killed him.’ And his large moustache. […]

History Summarized: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

At the turn of the 20th century, the most famous American on Earth was Buffalo Bill. More than anyone else, he cemented our common conception of the Wild West. A whopping 70 million Americans and Europeans saw his touring Wild West rodeo show during the over 30 years that it ran in the late 18 […]

My Rick Springfield Crush Revival

home I thought I was through with my teen fantasy phase when his music and image dominated my days But one morning in my forties I awoke to find It was merely lying dormant all of this time My Rick Springfield Crush Revival I can’t explain its sudden arrival My Rick Springfield Crush Revival It’s […]