The Farewell | Official Trailer HD | A24

What’s wrong, Dad? Please tell me. Your Nai Nai’s dying. She doesn’t know, so you can’t say anything. The family thinks it’s better not to tell her. Why is that better? Chinese people have a saying. When people get cancer, they die. We have to go to China. The wedding is an excuse so everyone […]

Exclusive Interview with Chinni Jayanth Film Actor

Hi, Nettv4u viewers Here is my hearty welcome to you all You must be thinking that i am sitting differently and talking since i am at Accord Metro politian hotel, in a spa This spa belongs to Murugan my closest friend We are best friends and very good pals. Quite often i visit here And […]

JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix, DC Movie HD

Arthur does it help they have someone to talk to My mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face She told me I had a purpose to bring laughter and joy to the world Is it just me or Is it getting crazier out there Though your heart is aching smile […]

the whole One Piece story so far, i guess

Welcome everybody my name is Misty/Chronexia And I’ll admit one piece is pretty long because of that a lot of people don’t want to get into it I’m here to fix that problem as I retell you the entire story of one piece in a fast forward method yo Spoilers warning, I’m gonna be cutting […]

Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You (Official Video)

(music) – Come on. Move it. – Come on, get up. – Hey, watch it guys, get out. – Beat it, get off the streets. – Get out of here, will you? What are you doin’? I’m tryin’ to get some sleep! Neighborhood’s gone to the dogs! ♪ Oh baby anytime my world gets crazy […]

Prezi Tutorial: Creating a new presentation in Prezi (1080p)

Welcome to this short video showing you how to create a new Prezi from a template or from scratch. This video also shows you how to add and edit text on the canvas. To create a new Prezi, you must be on the ‘Your Prezis’ page. If you’re not here, click on Your Prezis from […]


– We only have one solution left.. .. STARCRASH. – What do you mean, father ? The Star Crash ? – That’s it. Hey. Today, we get back to 70’s with STARCRASH wich took advantage of the release of STAR WARS the year before to scrap up its kitsch version, emptying fun in passing. And […]

Purdue OWL: Cover Letters

In this vidcast, we will offer you a condensed view of the purpose of the purpose of a cover letter, things you should keep in mind as you draft your cover letters, the functions of various parts of standard cover letters, and some advice for what to do once you’ve finished drafting. Let’s begin by […]