Invent Your Way Out! 🛠️ Green Eggs and Ham | Netflix

[grunts] [grunts] Attach the Wimble to the Wumph Joint. Puts a Flurm bolt on a Zilzonator. Stupid son of a Yip! Whoa! Guy! Hurry! [Guy] Almost done! And I’ll need a bruckle to start it up. -Hmm. About that… -What? I may have spent our last bruckle. Well, find one! Oh! One bruckle… Hup! Coming […]

Green Eggs and Ham 🍳 Chickeraffe Disaster! | Netflix

[narrator] When last we left Guy, he’d lost all his hope. And burnt his briefcase at the end of his rope. Then a noise, and he grabbed it. -There was something inside! -[whimpering] [narrator] A wild, scary beast! And nowhere to hide! This is it. I’m done for. I’ve lived my last day! [narrator] Oh, […]