US Immigration Interview Spousal Marriage Petition

There are multiple ways to get a Green Card but the focus of this video will be on Family-Based Petitions. –particularly spousal or marriage-based Green Card Petitions. I’ll share some 17 Practical Tips we’ve gathered over the years of our experience. Now stay tuned… The purpose of the interview is to determine the accuracy and […]

My GreenCard Interview Experience | 2019 | Form I-485 application | Permanent Residence

Hello guys, good morning everyone welcome back to my channel. My name is Lorelei And today I am going to share my green card interview experience at the USCIS Denver Colorado, so today it’s Friday my interview happened last January 16th Wednesday 1:45 p.m. At the USCIS Denver, Colorado, so we left at the house […]

GREEN CARD INTERVIEW; I-130 PETITION; How to PREPARE for Interview [Part 1] (2018)

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USCIS Marriage Fraud Interview Tips: Overcome the Interview, Immigration Lawyer in California

In this video, we’re going to talk about 10 tips for surviving a fraud marriage interview. Stay tuned. Hi everybody. My name is Jacob Sapochnick and I’m an immigration attorney based in San Diego, California. We get a lot of questions. People are getting summoned to second interviews after a filing their marriage petitions. I’ve […]

How to Prepare for Your Marriage Green Card Interview Questions – What to Expect

Hey everybody immigration attorney Ili Subhan here and today I’m going to explain what you should expect when attending your marriage green card interview including the marriage green card interview process, documents that you need to bring, some common green card interview questions, and how to be prepared. So let’s get started. And, make sure […]