Top 8 tips to prepare for and crack campus placement interviews

Hey guys! I am Saakshi and today we will discuss some tips for you to do well in your Interviews for Placements. I have a total of 8 tips for you which will help you prepare for the interviews and also avoid some common mistakes. So let’s get started! Tip number 1 Do thorough research […]

Interview Questions And Answers: How To Answer The Salary Question

what’s the best way to answer the question what salary do you expect we’ll keep in mind that salary related questions can make or lose you more money than any other question in an interview so in this video I’ll share with you what i call the 3d framework to answering this question so that […]

The Worst Thing You Can Say in a Job Interview, According to a Hiring Expert | Inc.

When I’m interviewing some of the things that really tend to bother me I don’t know if they’re necessarily a turn-off what really bothers me as somebody says I’ll do whatever it takes speaking in generalities and extremes always rubs me wrong whether I’m just a nut for semantics and word choice but when somebody […]

How to Ace a Second Interview | Job Hunting

The second interview is really important because in the first interview they’ve gotten to know you and now they’re calling you in again because they think that you’re a potential candidate. But chances are, you’re probably up against someone who is equally qualified, someone who they’re considering to be on par with you so now […]

How to Prepare for an Interview | Job Hunting

One of the most important things you can do in preparing for an interview is, if it’s at all possible, find out who is actually interviewing you. Who’s conducting the interview? And then what you want to do is go on LinkedIn and find out as much information about them as possible, so that as […]

How to Write a Resume | Job Hunting

How to write a resume. This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. The thing that you need to do is be very specific in what you’re offering up on this resume, and it has to be very much targeted to the company you’re applying for. You have one page of prime […]

Returning to Work with Accenture’s ReSUME Programme | Accenture Ireland

I would say to people that I didn’t feel I lost my confidence – but actually I think I had. I really felt very unsure of how I would explain the last eight years being at home. I studied engineering in UCD and my first assignment was on jackal drilling rig in the Southern North […]

How to Write a Chronological Resume | Job Hunting

“The chronological resume is your traditional resume. What essentially it does is, by date highlights all the work experience that you has. One of the things I do not care if it is a functional resume or chronological resume, as much as possible, you want to ensure that you are only listing work experience, skills […]

How To Explain That Gap On Your Resume | Fast Company

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Gaps in the resume happen, sharing them with a potential employer, however, can feel intimidating. So here are four tips on how the approach this conversation. Number one, be upfront. Whatever the reason for an employment gap, take five to 10 words to explain it on your resume. Otherwise the hiring […]