Walter Day Interview for Scene World Magazine

Today, we are talking to Walter Day. Hello, Walter. Hello, Joerg. So you are known for being a pioneer in scoreskeeping for video games, actually. Well, yes. 1981, I opened up a video game arcade, it was called Twin Galaxies. It was opened up in a small town called Ottumwa, Iowa in the United States, […]

Apple Event in a flash

So what just happened in that Apple event? Here we go. First, Tim Cook walks out and introduces the all new… And here it is. Jason Momoa? What? This event was bonkers, so let’s check it out. Spoiler alert! iPhone just went Pro. This thing is insane. Triple-camera technology. Telephoto, wide, ultra wide, and the […]

Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Rock and roll This is Tony Shiena Owner of Mosaic Security Private Military Company that provides Elite forces level security for their clients Tony has a VIP coming into Caracas tomorrow, who we’ll need to guard We tagged along as he scouted out a particularly dangerous neighbourhood That we will need to pass through in […]

LARPing Saved My Life

OK Jungs, reißt ihnen das Fleisch von den Knochen! Zerschmettert es eins, zerschmettert es zwei, zerschmettert es drei, zerschmettert es vier. Hinter euch. Pulverisieren drei. Es ist kein Spiel. Es ist kein interaktives Schauspiel. Es ist weder ein Theaterstück noch eine Aufführung. Das ist eine eigene Welt. Larpen hat mir dabei geholfen, meinen Autismus und […]

Gaming can make a better world | Jane McGonigal

I’m Jane McGonigal. I’m a game designer. I’ve been making games online now for 10 years, and my goal for the next decade is to try to make it as easy to save the world in real life as it is to save the world in online games. Now, I have a plan for this, […]

Something About Yoshi’s Island ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🦎

Unfortunately, Yoshi can’t read. (Crowd chatter) OPEN THE DOOR WE HAVE YOUR BABY. I ain’t do nuttin! Rated M for Mature. Hey, did you know the scientific term for butt crack is intergluteal crease? (Indian War Whoops) (sigh) Jim, you can’t do stuff like that. Stop it. Get some help. AY! I WANNA RIDE DA […]

Something About Luigi’s Mansion ANIMATED πŸ‘»πŸ˜±πŸ‘» (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)

(King Boo laughs in the distance) Mario! (Mario “Yahoos!” in the distance) M-M-Mario? (More Mario sounds) (Ghoulish screaming) (Demon possessed laughter) Mario? Mario: Wah! Woo hoo! Yahoo! (Ritualistic Chanting) AAHH!! MARIOOOOO!! AHH!!! (Praying in tongues) Oh ye! I’M GOING TO RUN OUT OF ROOM!! Thank you all so much for the support! Happy Halloween! (Shirts […]

Xbox E3 Briefing 2018 in under 3 minutes

[XBOX SOUND]>>Welcome to E3 2018. Gaming brings us together. Gaming connects us. So let’s jump in. Games look and play best on Xbox One. These five new teams will have the resources to take bigger risks for you.>>Xbox Game Pass, a way to give gamers the ultimate freedom to play. You leverage the machine learning […]

Game Theory: Exposing Metroid’s HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)

Today’s episode is gonna make PETA cringe. That’s right, we’re gonna justify the murder of animals. [cheering] Now hold on, don’t douse the screen in red paint and start calling for me to have a ‘core message’ just yet. “If you don’t have a core message that’s making a “positive impact on the planet, “what […]

Marshmello – Rescue Me ft. A Day To Remember (Official Music Video)

♫ Never been saved but I’ve never come closer ♫ ♫ Another year down and another year older ♫ ♫ A million fresh starts, what I needed was closure, yeah ♫ ♫ I lost who I was but I found my composure, yeah ♫ ♫ When I found you ♫ ♫ I found me ♫ […]