Design Club – Super Mario Bros: Level 1-1 – How Super Mario Mastered Level Design

Hey there! Welcome to Design Club. So, let’s get down to business. Today, we have decided to start at the beginning, and when it comes to modern gaming, things really don’t get much more “beginning” than Super Mario Bros.’s Level 1-1. Level 1-1 is a master class in level design. An incredible amount of thought […]

Game UX Summit ’18 | How to Help UX Maturity on Projects from the HQ – Melissa Canseliet

Melissa Canseliet: Hello, everyone, I’m Melissa Canseliet. I’m a UX strategist at Ubisoft. I’m sorry, there was a little printing issue. We won’t talk about positive system in game, but how to extract maturity on project from the HQ. So we talked about this today. Just so you know, my background is from neuroscience. So […]