How These ‘Entitled’ Millennials Want Jobs That ‘Pay’

D: Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me for this really weird video. I already don’t know how we’re going to title it. D: It’s gonna be like an interview conversation thing. I’m Daniel O’Brien, this is Talia Jane D: You’ve written a couple articles for us here at Cracked. D: You can find them on […]

Lauren Conrad Is Empowering Women Around The World | Fast Company

– You were young when you started in business and now you’re in your 30s, you’re a mother. – I’m in my early 30s. – Early 30s. (laughs) (upbeat music) Lauren Conrad famously stepped away from MTVs popular reality show The Hills during it’s peak to focus on building a lifestyle brand, from clothing lines […]

The Bold Type | Season 4, Episode 7 Trailer | Raven-Symoné Guest Stars

Hold on. You’re gonna be styling Alice Knight? You’re an assistant? Please, let me explain. You wasted my time. I think I’m gonna eat by myself and contemplate Nobody there seemed to have an issue with the fact that I’m bisexual. The only one who really had a problem with it was you.

17 reasons why Obama thinks BuzzFeed should hire Jim Cliff

Good afternoon, BuzzFeed. I wonder if you’re looking for an outstanding video producer in your office in London. First I want you to know why Jim Cliff is the right man for the job. Jim has spent more than two decades working with, you know, video, and Jim is a writer, a cameraman, a versatile […]

Tyra Banks Has an Amusement Park Now? (feat. Jeff Ross & Dave Attell) – Lights Out with David Spade

Tickets for Tyra Banks’ -new supermodel-themed restaurant… -What? No, she’s got a supermodel-themed amusement park called ModelLand– so dumb– uh, and it goes on sale Monday. But, remember, it’s a theme park for models, so all the rides are designed to make you puke. I already got, uh, advance tickets for the emotional roller coaster. […]

Shakespeare Summarized: Hamlet

Ah, Hamlet No Shakespeare title is more universally recognized, with the possible exception of Romeo and Juliet. As one of his most iconic plays, it has been produced over and over again with a myriad of actors and character interpretations. The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is the tragic tale of Hamlet, Prince of […]

History Summarized: Ireland

On the surface, the history of Ireland seems like the tale of one island getting beat up for over a thousand years straight, and, well, that’s not incorrect. I’ll be honest with you. But from another perspective it’s a story of a unique civilization rising from the intersection of two very different worlds, and then […]

History Summarized: Malta

The history of the Mediterranean is both very long and very crowded. So it’s hard to get a big picture when we’re busy investigating individual civilizations like Egypt, Rome, or the Ottomans. However, a great way to see the whole of Mediterranean history is actually to zoom right in on the middle, to the island […]

History Summarized: Venice 3 (Better Version In Description)

All right! We’re finally here. The Renaissance, the time when life was every level of perfect. *If* you were rich or an artist. I mean otherwise it was mostly the same as the Middle Ages all things considered But hey, who cares because look at all the pretty aaart! Now getting back to the point […]

Shakespeare Summarized: The Merchant of Venice

Some of Shakespeare’s plays haven’t aged very well. Sometimes the villain’s a lot more sympathetic than the hero. Sometimes the hero is too busy mooning about feeling sorry for himself to actually come across as sympathetic. The Merchant of Venice is a debatable case of the first, although not so much the second. The villain […]