Bradley Cooper Speaking French | Last French Interview | True English Subs Available

Presenter : You loved him in Very Bad Trip, in Happiness Therapy In American Bluff or American Sniper But tonight he’s here to talk about his first movie as a Director one of this year’s most important movie the actor Bradley Cooper is presenting Lady Gaga in “A Star Is Born”, There he is, Bradley […]

Je suis plus que mon diplôme | Chloé Rivault | TEDxESSCA

Translator: Charlotte Handford Reviewer: Ellen Maloney How did you choose your profession? Your job? How did you get to where you are today? Really, how? Did you choose between risk and safety? Were you pushed by your parents? Are you scared of unemployment? What choice did you make? Because we all make choices. We start […]

Interview: Are French companies prepared for Sapin 2 law?

France has a law but based on our study French companies are not yet well prepared for the legislation in their own country. Therefore, we see that French companies need to adopt more whistleblowing systems in the future.

Transferable Skills Advice

My advice to communication students in developing the skills they’re going to need to go on to do their job in the future is work beyond your education. Do the job you want, for somebody else who allow you to do it for them, for free. If you have an opportunity to write for The […]

My Teachers

Jeff, you have the board. Ummm… I’ll take Random James Trivia for $400, Alex. (( u can read right? )) Oh! I know this one. What is a male prostitute? (james XD) Ok, that bit’s done now. Male prostitute was never a career goal. Well, I mean, it’s not COMPLETELY off the table. You never […]

This Is Career Services: Transferable Skills

(In French) Do you speak French? Huh? (In French) I speak French! (In French) Oh, thank you!

Dom Juan (Molière) – résumé et analyse

Hi! Hi! Dear mommy, the reason I am writing this letter is that I am in love with a man both very free and bright : Don Juan. I know what you’re thinking… Why is it not pronounced the Spanish way ? I have no idea, and actually I don’t care. He’s so rich his […]