Exclusive Interview With Viji Director & Dialog writer talks about his experience

I am Viji. Hello Nettv4u viewers. I wrote dialogue for 36 Vayathinilae. Before that I directed Velli Thirai, Alli Thanta Vaanam I have worked in so many films like Majaa, Azhagiya Theeyae, Bala, Mayavi, Mozhi My native is Movanchery village near Papanasam which next to Uttamanathan U.V.Swaminathan Aiyar’s native place I did my schooling in […]

Interview with Tommy Wiseau (“The Room”) – Los Angeles, May 2015 – Meniscus Magazine

– Hi, I’m Jim Higgins from Meniscus Magazine, and we’re here in the Arena Theater in Hollywood, a small indie theater that shows great films, and we’re here with the incredible Tommy Wiseau. – Hi, how you doing? – How you doing? Writer, director, star of The Room, and also of the new Hulu show, […]