How Jay Park is changing attitudes to Korean Beauty

I’m grace neutral a tattoo artist and activist I don’t know if my freaked out by my tattoos or the fact that I’m wearing a barber and coat in a spa I’m interested in ideas of alternative beauty and pushing our boundaries of positive body image I think never wear makeup again don’t you I […]

Letitia Wright On Her Friendship With Sebastian Stan & Her Beauty Mantras | GLAMOUR UK

If there was gonna be a one shot like just you guys, what would you do in if you could pick like 15 minute like a one-shot kind of scene you guys are a little adventure what would you get up to? Hmm… I’d like to see her teach Bucky how to dance. Yes I […]

“In Conversation with Aliona Doletskaya” by Leigh Johnson

When I was younger I wanted to become a cosmonaut and fly to space At some point when I was 17 I realized that I would rather go to arts and study arts, study languages, study literature Russia is very ready for this magazine There is a new, totally new, fresh generation of people It’s […]

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix

If Velcro had been invented first… -Yeah? -…would there be zippers? You know, it’s a really… It’s really a deep question. Thank you very much. I’m very excited. But there’s a… There’s… You see? Have a seat. Please welcome our guest here tonight. Learn a little something  every day. When you’re bipolar, you have a […]

Trying Burger King’s NEW Impossible Whopper!!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running an empty food review I am your host the report of the week and welcome to in this newest video This is a big release right here, you know, sometimes I like to play things […]

Hasan Visits ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hey guys, it’s Hasan. Recently I found out about a Facebook group called “Subtle Asian Traits.” It was started by a bunch of Australian-Asian high school students and it quickly became this thing where Asians from around the world could talk about stuff. You have to submit a request to be accepted, so I submitted […]

Fashion Modeling Tips : How to Make a Fashion Modeling Resume

Hello, my name is Shalon Delgado and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to talk to you today about modeling. One of the topics I’d like to speak with you about is a resume. As you know it’s very important to have a resume in any job market, especially in the modeling industry. It’s […]

Styling Hollywood | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nothing is more glamorous than walking the red carpet.Unless you’re me!Bing!My name is Jason Bolden, Creative Director for JSN Studio,where we do interior design and celebrity styling.I’m Adair Curtis, Jason’s better half.I oversee the interior design,and while Jason is running his mouth, I’m running our business. Where do you come up with this stuff?Our clients […]