We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We’re At

What you’re looking at is a hermetically sealed glass laboratory. Scientists here are engineering special chips that could power the next computing revolution: a universal quantum computer. Chances are you’ve heard of quantum computer and that they’re going to change everything. “So quantum computers have the potential to completely change how we use technology in […]

The Map of Mathematics

The mathematics we learn in school doesn’t quite do the field of mathematics justice. We only get a glimpse at one corner of it, but the mathematics as a whole is a huge and wonderfully diverse subject. My aim with this video is to show you all that amazing stuff. We’ll start back at the […]

MINDHUNTER Season 1 Best Recap – | Inverse

– Mindhunter on Netflix. It’s David Fincher doing what he does best. It’s probably the best TV show that serial killers ever made. Episode 1, we open with a classic David Fincher sequence. You’ve seen it before in Seven and Zodiac. It’s a bird’s-eye view, there’s low color. Holden’s trying to negotiate with a suicidal […]

Map of Computer Science

We built computers to expand our brains. Originally scientists build computers to solve arithmetic, but they turned out to be incredibly useful for many other things as well: running the entire internet, lifelike graphics, artificial brains or simulating the Universe, but amazingly all of it boils down to just flipping zeros and ones. Computers have […]