EVE Online – Official Gameplay (2019) – Play Free!

EVE Online is a vast universe, alive with the unrelenting activity and combined history of its players. Pursuing lives of adventure, warfare and prosperity, they share this existence in the biggest single-shard free-to-play MMO of all time. Set 21,000 years in the future, EVE takes place in a distant cluster of over 7,000-star systems known […]

Lucifer Recap – Get Ready for Season 4 | Netflix

You know, Lucifer used to be God’s favorite angel.Those were the days.Where to start? Well, I’m the Devil.I basically invented daddy issues,waged a war and then got banished to rule Hell.Decided I needed a little vacay.So I came here to Los Angeles,which, may I tell you, is no city of angelsand exactly what I was […]

Styling Hollywood | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nothing is more glamorous than walking the red carpet.Unless you’re me!Bing!My name is Jason Bolden, Creative Director for JSN Studio,where we do interior design and celebrity styling.I’m Adair Curtis, Jason’s better half.I oversee the interior design,and while Jason is running his mouth, I’m running our business. Where do you come up with this stuff?Our clients […]