BTS On Their New Album, Reveals Who Has The Best Dance Moves & More | TIME 100 | TIME

Hi, we are BTS! Rm: Hi, TIME! ay, 다 말하지 너무 작던 내가 영웅이 된 거라고 (oh nah) Bts has a new music video called “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey The album “MAP OF THE SOUL:PERSONA” is out today Rm:It’s a new series, after ‘Love Yourself’ And, you know, ‘Love Yourself’ was, you know, something […]

‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Star Shameik Moore on Preparing for Role with Raekwon & More | In Studio

– Hey, I’m Shameik Moore, and I’m In Studio with The Hollywood Reporter. (Jazzy Beat) – Now, you play Raekwon in Wu-Tang: An American Saga, a new show coming to Hulu that tells the real life story of the Wu-Tang Clan. So, first, can you tell us just a little bit about your character and […]

Thoughts on humanity, fame and love | Shah Rukh Khan

Namaskar. I’m a movie star, I’m 51 years of age, and I don’t use Botox as yet. (Laughter) So I’m clean, but I do behave like you saw like a 21-year-old in my movies. Yeah, I do that. I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people back home in India who assume […]

50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

What’s good everyone? It’s Joe from Complex At, where else? Flight Club with G-Unit. They’re not giving him the money we’ve made On those deals. Now it’s like, we’ll give you some shoes. Kidd Kidd, Fifty and Tony Yayo. Key-Kay what you getting? I need these exclusives. We’re going to do some sneaker shopping today. […]

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Reveal First Celebrity Crushes, Childhood Movie Favorites & More! | THR

– Emily, what did you learn from playing Mary Poppins? Oh my goodness. Well, I can fly now– – What I learned– – So there’s that, John, this is just sorry. You weren’t in Mary Poppins. – What I learned is– – Nope, nope. No, no. – That was you. – That’s not how I […]

Exclusive Interview with Sudha Chandran Actress

I was born and bought up in Mumbai but my native is Tiruchi… Trichy Vayloore This is my Native But my Parents.. Grand parents who are 4th generations ones So they migrated to Kerala If i have to say the transition has been from Tamil Nadu to Kerala to Mumbai A long journey But i […]

Justin Bieber Opens Up in New ‘Vogue’ Interview: Depression, Celibacy and More | Billboard News

The Biebs has broken his two-year-long media silence, and he’s keeping it real. In a new cover interview for ‘Vogue,’ Justin Bieber opened up about becoming famous so young, his struggles with depression, as well as the hot topic – religion. Joined by his wife Hailey Baldwin, the 24-year-old pop star shared, “I started really […]

LEGO Harry Potter In 90 Seconds

Abuse! Abuse! Abuse! You’re a wizard Harry… Yippee! Want to be friends? Sure! Want to be enemies? Sure! Want to be dead? Face hug! See ya later! You might be a Syltherin… I’m a Gryffindor! Dobby is free! You betrayed my parents! No! It was the rat! Expecto Patronum! What just happened here? This is […]

How Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Should Have Ended

Okay lets go through this one more time. My name is Peter Parker. I’ve had several Spider-Man movies… and for the last 14 years I’ve had a few… How It Should Have Endeds I jumped out of the way of some grenades… I argued with a talking lizard… I decided to become an Avenger I […]

The magical science of storytelling | David JP Phillips | TEDxStockholm

Translator: Florencia Bracamonte Reviewer: Tanya Cushman In 2009, a man, a journalist by the name Rob Walker, wanted to find out this: Is storytelling really the most powerful tool of all? And in order to do this, he went on his computer, and he bought 200 objects from eBay. And the average price of the […]