Hyper Projection Engeki ‘Haikyuu!!” Karasuno, Revival! – Opening Night Press PV (Eng Sub)

As long as I’m here, you’re invincible. Believe in me and jump! Send your toss… TO HERE …to me! FLY! Kenma, what’s your school like? Hmmm, I wonder… In the past, we used to be strong, but… He said that he couldn’t forget seeing on TV Karasuno playing at Spring High. Our eternal Tokyo rivals! […]

Welcome to The English Meeting Room

Hey there thanks for checking out The English Meeting Room. My name’s Hannah and I’ve been living internationally for the last six years, working as both a Recruiter and an English Teacher and during this time, I’ve noticed that so many of you are not achieving your potential at work simply because your English skills […]

History Summarized: Iroquois Native Americans

American History tends to emphasize how the colonies won their freedom from the oppressive British empire and while that’s true it’s only part of the picture. See there were a lot of players in the new worlds during and before the time of the revolution. One of the most remarkable yet often overlooked forces in […]

Learn English through Café Work Skills

History Summarized: Scotland

In researching this video I very quickly learned a valuable lesson about how little the Scots mess around. “Okay”, I thought “the Scots in the English hate each other, sure, but it can’t be THAT bad, honestly.” So I took a little peruse to see how many times the two actually fought each other and […]

8 Conversation Questions for Holiday Parties [English Conversation]

Hey, it’s Annmarie was Speak Confident English. This is exactly where you want to be to get the confidence you want for your life and your work in English and your English conversations as well. Especially right now it’s December and where I live in the United States, that means it’s the holiday season. The […]

An Overview of Summarizing

Today we are going to learn how to summarize a text. This will help you with your sea creature project that will be assigned later. First, it is good to know what summarizing is. Summarizing is giving a short statement of important points. You can summarize just about anything: books, videos, movies, speeches, and in […]

How to Write a Summary

So we summarize all the time in our daily lives You may summarize something interesting that you read in the news Or you may summarize a movie plot line for a friend Or a lesson for a classmate who has been sick and missed the class And at some point in your academic carrer, you […]