[ENG SUB/CC] 180415 B.A.P – THE STAR Magazine Interview Part 1

Translations/Timings – sally! (Q. We saw a photo uploaded on SNS saying that you received cup ramyeon as birthday presents. Were they presents given by the fans?) JU: The truth is, the cup ramyeon were given by my friends. JU: I had a birthday party that day. JU: Because I said before that I wanted […]

Genie Idol – UNB [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.06.22]

K-RUSH viewers, here’s our hello. Let’s be UNB! Hello, we’re UNB! Make a wish! What’s this all of a sudden? From what I hear, the first to try out for Genie-Idols is us guys, UNB! How is this going to work? In this segment, fans interested in Seoul get to pick out new places to […]


[Is there a change in your composition style or content for this new album?] This time, instead of aiming for change the change happened because I wanted to stick to my true self For the 1st and 2nd albums, I wavered between public appeal and musicianship In this album, I didn’t worry about any of […]

BTS Reveal Their Favorite Movie, Guilty Pleasure & More | Billboard

Hi, we are BTS! You’re watching Billboard. Okay, one more take? Why did you laugh? Don’t be shy. “Oh, you look so awesome!” We like being sarcastic to each other As a joke, we try to be like sarcastic so like, when we look at something like he did some ridiculous thing, we’re like, “Oh, […]

[ENG SUB] 180716《NYLON 尼龙》七月刊封面 黄子韬专访 | Z.TAO x NYLON China Magazine Interview

I started to use Weibo officially since January 18, 2018 And no one knows my Weibo account’s password No one knows except me only And my account is not collaborated with anyone Because at first they kept hating and adding unnecessary things on me But it doesn’t matter to me, I believe time can prove […]