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Patti Smith Interview: I Will Always Live Like Peter Pan

(instrumental music) (applauses) [Christian] Welcome to Louisiana, Patti. [Patti] Thank you. I’m really happy to be here. It’s beautiful here. Really special. [Christian] When you’re onstage you are considered as the godmother of punk, but when I read your books, it seems like I meet another Patti Smith. It’s like you were expressing two different […]

Why I changed my mind about nuclear power | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxBerlin

Translator: Morgane Quilfen Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Like a lot of kids born in the early 70s, I had the good fortune to be raised by hippies. One of my childhood heroes was Stewart Brand. Stewart is not only one of the originary hippies, he’s also one of the first modern environmentalists of the […]

Interview Eric Scotto

Hello Eric Scotto Hello We’re going to talk about transformation What does the BPCE Group mean to you ? It’s the group that has been by our side for the last 15 years Who took on the same risks with us Because nobody was interested in wind power in 2003 112 megawatts total The Group […]

Scot’s Resume and Diverse Skill Set

I’m Scot Guariglia. In the early eighties I worked for Caterpillar Tractor Company first as a final inspector for two years progressing to research and development for another six in the instrument lab. I also work out in the field. Years at the proving grounds involved the application of strain gages to determine stress levels […]

Striking Options: Trade Talks Resume and Crude Oil Volatility

– Jeff Kilburg: Welcome to Striking Options, the show that reveals the options you have to better navigate market.s I’m Jeff Kilburg, and I’m joined today by Bob Iaccino. Welcome, Bob. – Bob Iaccino: Good to be here, Jeff. – Jeff Kilburg: Well, special Valentine’s edition here, so my question is is there still going […]