Webinar: Innnovating for Employment Success

>>Greg Lockwood: Good afternoon and welcome to today’s webinar, Innovating for Employment Success. My name is Greg Lockwood and I’m Stakeholder Coordinator at the BC Centre for Employment Excellence. For those of you who are not familiar with the Centre, it was created in 2012 with funding from the provincial and federal governments to act […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Job Interview First Impressions

Peggy Charlton here for Expert Village on job interviews and now we are going to discuss about introducing ourselves, eye contact and handshake, etc. We will go into the interview, smile and look at the person and introduce ourselves. I’m Peggy Charlton and I am applying for whatever or they will ask you what you […]

Preparing for a Job Interview : Arriving Early for Job Interviews

This is Peggy Charlton for Expert Village talking about job interviews. We’ve already got our application done, we’ve figured out what job you want, we’ve got our resume and we are all ready to go. So we are going to actually think about the time of the interview. Your employer has either contacted you about […]

15. Tip No.15 on interview preparation. Do I need my CV during the interview?

Hi, welcome back. Today I’m talking about tip number 15: make sure you take a copy of your CV with you to the interview. Although it’s always best to try and remember exactly everything that is on your CV without looking, sometimes nerves get the better of us and it’s a good idea therefore to […]

Job interview tips (Part 1): Five quick job interview tips

In this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna give you a couple quick interview tips. We’re gonna go over some of the most common questions job seekers ask us about interviews and break it down for you. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to job hunters, your weekly advice show. […]

Cheneille gets an opportunity and impresses her new boss, thanks to Youth Jobs PaTH

Before I started working here, I didn’t really do much. A lot of the time it was really boring, sitting around, doing nothing all day isn’t really much fun. When I was doing childcare, I was really interested in it at the start, and then got halfway through it, and I was like, “This really […]

Bringing your skills and experience to a new job

♪ (Music Playing) ♪ I started working in Holden actually in 1990, so I was there for about 26 years. And most of that time was in safety, quality and environment, and a lot of that was to do about the processes and procedures that Holden had, and making sure that they were always followed […]

How to Make a Video Resume : Who’s Looking for Video Resumes?

Hi, I’m Kristi with WorkBlast.com and I’m here to answer some frequently asked questions about how to create a video resume. So what kind of companies are searching for video resumes? As video resume is getting more and more momentum and press coverage, more and more companies want to see them. All types of companies […]

Scot’s Resume and Diverse Skill Set

I’m Scot Guariglia. In the early eighties I worked for Caterpillar Tractor Company first as a final inspector for two years progressing to research and development for another six in the instrument lab. I also work out in the field. Years at the proving grounds involved the application of strain gages to determine stress levels […]

Get a new job: Vocabulary & grammar for your RESUME & COVER LETTER

Hello. My name is Emma, and in today’s video I am going to talk about resumes and cover letters, and the vocabulary and grammar you can use on both. Okay? So in this video I am going to talk to you about some things that you should do for your cover letter and resume-some verbs […]