Job Skills

You might not have all the qualifications that is needed education isn’t for everybody though I’d always advise people to go out and do as much as they can isn’t as I said the best route for some people. now it’s really important that if you don’t have a great academic record that you may […]

Practice Interview Questions by CareerOne

When preparing for a job interview, practising can boost your confidence and your performance In this video, staff here CareerOne will ask you questions that you might be asked in an interview Pause the video after each question to prepare your response or watch the video to the very end so hopefully on the day […]

Why a Modern Resume Should Be More Portfolio and Pitch Than Paper – Jullien Gordon

>>Erik: How do you define the modern resume?>>Jullien: The resume 1.0 is dead. There is just so much information A-symmetry in the career search process. A lot of people think of resumes as a job description, ‘I’m going to take the job that I did and I’m going to put the job description as the […]

Business English – How to talk about your career

Hi, my name is Rebecca from In today’s lesson, you will learn about 24 different words to talk about your working life. You’ll need these words if you want to be able to talk about your career or about someone else’s professional life. So let’s get started. I’ve divided the vocabulary into two parts. […]