Lena ep. 7 – Using Transferable Skills In My CV | The Great Grad Job Hunt

Hi guys, this is Lena coming to you from The Great Grad Job Hunt. What I want to talk to you about today are transferable skills. So, to get down to it, what are transferable skills? They can be defined as skills developed in one situation which can be transferred to another situation. They are […]

JOB INTERVIEW questions and answers (Part 4): What are your strengths?

In this week’s job search tip is gonna concentrate on the question “What are your strengths?” We’re gonna look at it from a couple different angles and give you some good examples and bad examples on how to answer this job interview question. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to […]

JOB INTERVIEW questions and answers (Part 3): Tell me about yourself

Welcome to Job Hunters, today we’re gonna go over the job interview question tell me about yourself. We’re gonna show you some good examples and some bad examples on how to answer it. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob and welcome to Job Hunters, our weekly job search show. Now, if you’ve […]

Get prepared for your first interview with the help of James – a VR experience

[James] Hey mate. [Dylan] Hey. [James] You’ve fixed yourself up nicely. [Dylan] Thanks. [James] Ready for your big event? [Dylan] Hmm I don’t know I’ve never been to an interview before and it’s pretty stressful. [James] Oh you will be fine mate, let’s get in. [Dylan] Cool, thanks. Everybody gets nervous about interviews. Just remember […]

Webinar: Innnovating for Employment Success

>>Greg Lockwood: Good afternoon and welcome to today’s webinar, Innovating for Employment Success. My name is Greg Lockwood and I’m Stakeholder Coordinator at the BC Centre for Employment Excellence. For those of you who are not familiar with the Centre, it was created in 2012 with funding from the provincial and federal governments to act […]

Cheneille gets an opportunity and impresses her new boss, thanks to Youth Jobs PaTH

Before I started working here, I didn’t really do much. A lot of the time it was really boring, sitting around, doing nothing all day isn’t really much fun. When I was doing childcare, I was really interested in it at the start, and then got halfway through it, and I was like, “This really […]

Bringing your skills and experience to a new job

♪ (Music Playing) ♪ I started working in Holden actually in 1990, so I was there for about 26 years. And most of that time was in safety, quality and environment, and a lot of that was to do about the processes and procedures that Holden had, and making sure that they were always followed […]

How to Approach a Recruiter at a Job Fair

I’m Bill Lewis, recruiting manager for L-3 Global Security Engineering Solutions. But foremost, prior to this position, I was a veteran of 23 years, retired. The questions been asked of me that how do you present how when you strategically come to a job fair and you present yourself or a greeting or what we […]

AFLAC Corporate Recruiter’s Resume Tips

Hello, everyone. My name is HaQuasha Terry. I am with AFLAC. We just got finished with UGA’s amazing career fair. We received a lot of great applications from MIS backgrounds anything in business. There are a lot of great candidates. We are looking forward to hiring some of those. Let’s talk resumes! We love to […]