Young Dylan’s Mixtape: Cardi B Gives Young Dylan Advice About Growing Up a Rapper

Oh. Oh. What’s up, everybody? And welcome to “Young Dylan’s Mixtape.” I just can’t wait to see who’s here today. Let’s go! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. [LAUGHS] Hi! Nice to meet you! Hi! Nice to meet you. It’s Cardi B! Oh, my god. Hi! Can I get a hug? Oh, my god. Ah! You’re so talented. […]

Extended Cut – Ellen Gives a Deserving Family the Single Biggest Gift Ever!

Earlier in the show, I told you we had the biggest surprise we have ever done for one family. And when I say it’s big, it is big. We met the Daniels family last November when they entered a contest to sit in our Skybox for the 12 Days of Giveaways. After the show, we […]

Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

I am so happy to have you here. This is the first time having you on, so thanks. So I know you were nervous about the entrance. I think people feel like they’re supposed to dance. And I was really surprised because I was here earlier today for your rehearsal and then you abandoned it. […]

Colin Farrell and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

We’re back with Colin Farrell, and we’re both in the hot seat getting ready to [in unison] answer my burning questions. [applause] None. [ding] Hers. [ding] Yes I’m nailing this obviously. Quiet. [ding] At the start, a decent student, at and at the end, a disaster. [ding] What? Walking. [ding] [laughter] Curling. [ding] Eating pizza. […]

Liza Koshy Takes On Ellen’s Burning Questions

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Youtuber and Chipotle enthusiast Liza Koshy. And I’m about to answer Ellen’s Burning Questions. A yoga pose inspired by you would be called The Burrito. And it would look something like– Your most embarrassing moment in high school. Oh, I mooned my best friend and her mom. I was trying to […]

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Intimate Three-Day Wedding to Nick Jonas

I see you. Well, no, no. You asked for this. It’s not me. You said you wanted a shot of tequila every time you’re here. I do need tequila every time I’m here. That’s true. All right, so? Congratulations. Thank you. Happy birthday, Ellen. Congratulations to you, is what I say. Thank you. [CHEERING] So […]

Kris Jenner Interviews Ellen to Be Her Assistant

Tell everybody what Bumble Bizz is. Bumble Bizz is an app, and it’s an app that you can go to to match with somebody that you’re looking for to be a part of your organization, your team. I’m hiring an assistant, so it’s the perfect place for me to go. And what really surprised me […]