Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards

like it or not life is full of measuring sticks how smart we are how fast we aren’t how well we can but up until now it’s been pretty hard to tell how well kids are competing in schools and how well they going to do when they get out of school we’d like to […]

Ding Dong Bell | Nursery Rhymes | By LittleBabyBum! | ABCs and 123s

Ding, dong, bell, Kitty’s in the well Who put her in? Little Johnny Flynn Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout What a naughty boy was that To try to drown poor Kitty cat Who never did him any harm But ate all of the mice in the farmer’s barn Ding, dong, bell, Kitty’s in […]

Use Job Descriptions to Prepare for Your interview

One way you can narrow down the topics for your interview is by looking at the job descriptions for each position you apply to. If C++ is a primary language listed, you’ll be best served by practicing in this. If not, lean toward the language of the companies you’re most interested in. Make sure if […]

Could You Pass the Google Interview?

According to a recent article in Business Insider, Google is the second-best tech company to work at in 2018. The list was compiled after taking into account what employees had written on the job website, Glassdoor. “Extremely intelligent and competent coworkers, exciting products, great management, amazing perks,” said one Google engineer. Google is not only […]

My Teachers

Jeff, you have the board. Ummm… I’ll take Random James Trivia for $400, Alex. (( u can read right? )) Oh! I know this one. What is a male prostitute? (james XD) Ok, that bit’s done now. Male prostitute was never a career goal. Well, I mean, it’s not COMPLETELY off the table. You never […]

11 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

We don’t need to tell you that some teenagers have made a lot of money, but the richest have done so mainly because they became celebrities through music or acting or even YouTube. Some teens have even made a small fortune as entrepreneurs. But today we are going to talk about what you might call […]

Introduction to Creating an E-portfolio

So, what is an e-portfolio, and why would someone want to create one? In this screencast, I will show you a few examples of e-portfolios and talk about the benefits of spending the time to create them. So, an e-portfolio is a personalized web-based collection of your work with reflective annotations or commentary about the […]

Learn American Sign Language: Beginner conversational words and phrases in ASL

Hello! Today I’m going to teach you beginner ASL signs, so you can start communicating using ASL, or American Sign Language. Are you ready? And that’s the sign for “READY”? HELLO HI HOW ARE YOU? So that’s the sign for “how” and then you point to the person “how are you?” GOOD. Or one-handed: “Good”. […]

General Education & Teaching Tips : Writing a Resume for a School Administrator

Hi, this is Laura Turner, and today I’m going to talk with you about writing your resume for a school administrator position. First of all, of course you’re going to want to decide for yourself, do you have the experience to apply for this job, and if you do, it’s really going to be very […]