Voices on Teaching: “You saved my life” — Appreciation like no other profession

There is an appreciation that you will get from being a teacher that you will not get in any other profession. And it’s unspoken. You can’t put your finger on it. You can’t draw a picture of it. But it’s a feeling. When the child that was the hardest one that you’ve ever taught, comes […]

Fireman | Truck Song || Occupational Songs | Community Helpers | Rhymes on Profession

I am hearing a great big sound Great big sound great big sound I am hearing a great big sound What is that Daddy? A red firetruck is on its way On its way, on its way A red firetruck is on its way my lovely daughter Who is in the fire truck? Firetruck firetruck […]

Lawyer | Advocate || Occupational Songs | Community Helpers | Rhymes on Profession

Lawyer, Scholar, Coat, Collar Lawyer, Scholar, Coat, Collar My father is a lawyer, He looks like a scholar He wears a black coat With a white collar He goes to the court Early in the morning To meet his clients To sort out all warning He always fight for The right purpose To save the […]

Merit: Your Online Résumé

>>NARRATOR: Did you know Chadron State College provides a free online platform for students to compile academic successes and other accomplishments? Merit is a free, online résumé that provides you a quick and easy way to record your college experiences in one convenient location.>>MIKAYLA: In today’s society, the online résumé is a very big deal […]

Tips for Job Seekers: Inside the Mind of a Recruiter | James Citrin

So let’s talk about the tactics of searching for a job today. Some of the tactics are quite different, but some of the principles are absolutely timeless. Some of the tactics that are different: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an essential resource for potential employees and employers. It is the de facto global standard for 400 million […]

Edit Your Resume

It takes time to create a professional resume that is ready to send to an employer. Editing your resume will help you highlight your best skills and experiences and show a potential employer how you’re a good fit for the job. Google’s Applied Digital Skills can help you edit your resume to make it more […]

Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

My name is Steve Pinker, and I’m Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.  And today I’m going to speak to you about language.  I’m actually not a linguist, but a cognitive scientist.  I’m not so much interested as language as an object in its own right, but as a window to the human mind. Language […]

Getting an Art Degree? – What next?

Recently, I’ve had a few Art students ask me for advice for what to do after they have finished their studies and go out into the world with a degree tucked under their arms – looking for a job. Well, It’s a long time since I started and things have changed a lot. Back then […]

How Close Are We to Replacing Humans With Robots?

[TRACE] There are lots of different types of robots; insect robots, animal robots, jellyfish robots, toy robots, cooking robots, military robots..sex robots? An android is a human-like robot…it looks like a human, talks like a human, it acts like a human. Androids are the pinnacle of robotics and artificial intelligence. Successfully building an android is […]