Adding Yourself & Your Film to IMDb

Hey guys this is Mackenzie Criswell here, and today were going to take a quick look at getting yourself and you film on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb i’m going to go ahead and assume that most of us know what IMDb is It’s probably one of the most useful tools for people inside […]

Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones Vol. 1

Warning: the following contains spoilers for seasons 1-3.For a spoiler-free version, click here.Just come back and watch the real version when you’re all caught up…wuss!From fiction’s most notorious serial killer,comes the TV adaptationof the medieval encyclopedia/ Dungeon Master’s Guide/pornothat is…Game of Thrones.God, that song’s cool!Get ready for the show that has viewers of the edge […]

The Degenerates Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Not now, Dad! Oh, my God. Buckle up, white bitch, I’m about to take you on a negro field trip. I can’t stand it when you cum in my mouth, and then you stop watching my Instagram story the next day. Why’d you drop off? There are people who believe the earth is flat. The […]

Pika Revival!

Turn on your light it’s gonna get dark Pretty Intense cave! It’s ded! FOOEY WOMAN!!! Gunna have to get my lighter Huh? What is that! Is that a- That’s a Pikachu!!!!! Gunna take this back home And uh, see if we can revive it Lets go! CHEF! What? Boil us some water! It’s ready Pikachu! […]

The Great Revival – Episode【17】English Subtitles [2007] HD

You are back, officer Where is the king? He went to Huiji camp Why? To deploy troops 0h no 0fficer It is not the crucial moment Two kings will have an interview I think Fucha will agree to it It is a false front A false front for me to see He is having a […]

The Great Revival – Episode【04】English Subtitles [2007]

Field Marshal Censor Field Marshal, come with me. Let’s go to the king I’m no longer the Field Marshal But if you don’t see the king now, you may never see him again Your Majesty… What happened to you? I did wrong Not your fault I will fetch the best healer Don’t bother Leave us […]

Virgin River | Official Trailer | Netflix

I sold my house, and then I quit my job, and I moved to this town that I’ve never heard of just so I can live in there. Oh, no. As the mayor of Virgin River, I’d like to officially welcome you to our little slice of heaven. -I obviously can’t stay here. -I’ll have […]

Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

Skating’s like breathing. I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I stopped, I feel like drowning. That metaphor got dark real fast. You’re a beautiful skater. I’m done. That was my last skate. You’re just a little scared. I’m not a little scared. I’m terrified. You were perfect, and now when I look at […]

Profile: Jenna Dewan As Julian Booth | Season 2 | THE RESIDENT