Get Ready for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby | Recap of the first 2 movies | Netflix

Loyal readers,  I’m Rose McIver, and before you indulge in A Christmas Prince:  The Royal Baby, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to remind us all how we got here. This is A Christmas Prince. We start in New York City, where struggling writer Amber, that’s me, gets the most challenging assignment […]

The Great Revival – Episode【06】English Subtitles [2007]

Your Majesty, about Duke Jihui’s enthronement Can it be delayed? No But courtiers have opinions What opinions? Deposition of the eldest and designation of the youngest won’t benefit our nation And… Don’t hesitate He is not the queen’s son I don’t care if his mother is my wife or my concubine I have only 2 […]

The Scandal Summarized and Ninja Caught Lying – Die Antwoord Series Part 1

Due to the sensitive nature of the content some of the language in this video may be substituted to avoid suppression from YouTube’s algorithm. What’s up everyone, it’s Edwin and welcome back to my channel. Now if you’ve been following this story, get ready because I’ve got more updates. And if you’re not too familiar […]

The End of the F***ing World | Fake Rom Com Trailer | Netflix

What? Nothing. (James is a bit of a wallflower.) What’s that then? It’s my dad. (Alyssa has a big personality.) Is breaking and entering the best way of lying low? [glass shatters] See if Marvin can make a banana split for me, you fucking cunt! You fucker! (But this November…) (these two adorable English misfits […]

Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix

He’s come out of nowhere and we don’t know who he is.What do we know about him?He’s leading desperate people.-So this is a cult? -We don’t know who he’s associated with.He could be creating an army.Or he could be leading them to their death.What were you doing in Syria?Delivering a message.A message from whom?My father.And […]

Genie Idol – UNB [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.06.22]

K-RUSH viewers, here’s our hello. Let’s be UNB! Hello, we’re UNB! Make a wish! What’s this all of a sudden? From what I hear, the first to try out for Genie-Idols is us guys, UNB! How is this going to work? In this segment, fans interested in Seoul get to pick out new places to […]

Impulse – Ep 3 “Treading Water”

The Great Revival – Episode【22】English Subtitles [2007] HD

Goujian must die I understand Your Majesty Wu Zixu belittled me If I don’t kill Goujian, premier won’t agree to let me conquer the mainland It is easy to kill Goujian Why do you keep him alive? Goujian His life depends on the situation If it is time for him to die, I won’t hesitate […]

Off to Vietnam to make the best CVS food [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]

(First restaurant in Vietnam) Let me go in. That alley looks special. He’s going into an alley. Okay, okay. How does he know places like that? – That’s a restaurant? / – Is that a restaurant? (What kind of restaurant is it?) (Even the entrance looks unusual) – This… / – They don’t have an […]

The Great Revival – Episode【29】English Subtitles [2007] HD

Yue’s queen is beautiful. He admires her He will sully Yue’s queen Don’t you care? Don’t you feel hurt? I feel Wu’s king needs salt Goujian, you are a brilliant actor Goujian, listen, when I am out of the door, it will be too late to regret it You are cold-blooded Jin’s envoy It’s late. […]