Response.Redirect ( False vs True) ASP.NET Interview questions with answers.

In this video we will talk about what is the different between Response.Redirect True and Response.Redirect False now the hole purpose of Response.Redirect is to navigate from one page to the other page in-case you are not aware of Response.Redirect what my suggestion would be to go and see the video Response.Redirect Vs server.transfer in […]

Explain Coalescing operator ( ?? ) in c# ? C# and .NET interview questions with answers

In this video we will try to understand what exactly is Coalescing Operators in C# now let’s consider this simple scenario here you can see that i have 4 string here str1, str2, str3 and str4 now let’s say you would like to go and write a logic which actually first checks str1 if str1 […]

c# Fragile class problem ( .NET and c# interview question videos)

In the previous part of the video We saw what exactly is a Fragile classes problem and how to solve them In this video We will talk about How .NET Framework handles automatically some of the fragile class issues In order to understand the same What I have done is I have created two classes […]

What kind of questions are asked in C# (Csharp) and .NET interviews ?

This is the very interesting question and very interesting topic and if you asked any dotnet developer he will quickly zero down to specific question like ASP.NET page life cycle difference between abstract class interface but that is not answer this question in complete totality and when we talk about IT market is very competitive […]

C# DataAnnotations explained ( C# Interview questions)

DataAnnotations helps you to do validations in a simplified manner or in a attribute based manner When we talk about validations and let us specifically talk about business validation which are a very important part of any software application Business Validations develop us normally write in a class library or they write it inside the […]

c# (Csharp) and .NET Interview questions :- What are Generics

When we look at difference collection in DOT NET that is Array, Array List, Hashtables, specialize collections etc each of these collection have there own strong points as well as week points for example when i look at arrays array are strong type so because of that there is no boxing and unboxing so the […]

ASP.NET and .NET Interview question video :- What is Authentication and Authorization ?

This is the most asked question the most simple question with a very simple answer Now the expectation of the interviewer here is that do you understand the importance on the difference between these two vocabulary that is Authentication and Authorization the interviewer wants you understand that do you know that what are the different […]

C# (Csharp) interview questions What is the difference between convert.tostring and tostring ()

Now this is the very fundamental question what is the difference between convert.tostring and tostring function now is question is fundamental the answer is simple but many of the developers are not aware of the difference so basically developers use both of these functions interchangeably without going of the differences now the basic difference between […]

.NET C# Interview questions and answers :- What is Garbage Collector, Gen 0, 1 & 2?

Lets start with Garbage collector video series In this video series we have two videos The first video which talks about what is garbage collector What is the concept of generation i.e generation 0, generation 1 and generation 2 In the second video we will try to understand by using distructors in the class we […]

c# (Csharp) and SQL interview question :- What is the difference between unique key and primary key?

Now this is the very simple SQL Server Interview Question what is the difference between Unique and Primary key Now many developer end of saying that both of these things are one on the same and only the vocabularies difference etc etc in actual sense both of these things are different entities and they have […]