The Craziest Hippie Festival in the Jungle


MICHEL GONDRY: It’s running? MALE SPEAKER 1: Yeah. It is. CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG: [LAUGH] MICHEL GONDRY: What about my make up? I know my nose is always shiny. I don’t care. OK, also, we speak English? OK. I remember when we shot Science of Sleep, you were hiding from the camera, especially in the first scenes. […]

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up – Netflix Documentary Series – Trailer

We are in Australia. News has just been given that I am hosting the Oscars.I’ve talked to him a couple of times today.I mean, the first one was more of, like, a rehash on,“Fuck did you do yesterday?”The public perception is that he didn’t want to apologize,therefore he is homophobic.Do you regret… do you wish […]

The Degenerates Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Not now, Dad! Oh, my God. Buckle up, white bitch, I’m about to take you on a negro field trip. I can’t stand it when you cum in my mouth, and then you stop watching my Instagram story the next day. Why’d you drop off? There are people who believe the earth is flat. The […]

The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT

KAYLEE MOATS: I’m still trying to accept myself, accept what I have and not dwell on it. KAYLEE MOATS: I was about 18 when I discovered I had MRKH, when I didn’t get my period but my 12-year-old sister did. We decided to go to the gynaecologist where they did an ultrasound and discovered I […]

German Reunification Explained

German Reunification almost didn’t happen. It was opposed by nearly all world leaders. But there was one man who made it happen, one who convinced everybody, one man who vowed that Germany. Will. Be. United. After the Second World War, Germany was split into several regions. What is often overlooked is that Germany was not […]

Eddie Huang on Fresh Off the Boat and More: VICE Podcast 003

EDDY MORETTI: Hi, I’m Eddy Moretti. Welcome to the Vice podcast. Today my guest is Eddie Huang. EDDIE HUANG: What’s up? EDDY MORETTI: Yeah. So let’s talk about a bunch of shit. Let’s talk about the book, right? So you have a show on Vice called “Fresh Off The Boat.” And now you have a […]

Detroit: Revival Cities ‘The Series’

Who get’s to speak for a place Right? I mean, who get’s to tell the story of a place. There’s just so There’s so much to wrap your head around here And there’s so many I mean it’s narrative on top of narrative You know And sometimes they like, They flip over Like it’s just […]

Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. -This is like, two, three hectares– like 20, 30,000 plants. And then you know that you’re going to find a champion there if you look long enough. It’s a massive field, full of pot. KRISHNA […]