I Quit The City To Build My Hobbit House | HOMES ON THE EDGE

KRIS HARBOUR: I think the building is made out of about 80 to maybe even 90% of either natural, recycled and found materials. INTERVIEWER: Have you ever built a house before? KRIS HARBOUR: No, no. I have worked on building sites in my old job and seen modern construction quite a lot. But I had […]

Knock Down The House | Official Trailer | Netflix

If I was a rational person, I would have dropped out of this race a long time ago. Crowley hasn’t had a primary challenger in 14 years. He has taken $3,000,000 per cycle. He’s gonna tell me I’m small, that I’m young, that I’m inexperienced. My mom cleaned houses growing up. I never really saw […]

SVA NYC Features Frank Ockenfels 3

Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers

– In a world where cat videos and memes rule the feeds, one media company will rise above the noise, this is Great Big Story. – [Director] Okay, Redd, that was great. Thank you. – You got it. – Yeah, that was great. – Cool. – [Director] You can stop speaking like that now though. […]

Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight on HBO

— Who drove how long to get here? — 12 hours in our car. We’ve been driving from north of the border, so. — Oh, you came down from Canada-stan. If I was doing the Radical Agenda in Canada, I’d probably be arrested for it, right? — Well, in Canada, hurting people’s feeling is basically […]

Tell Me Who I Am | Official Trailer | Netflix

(motorcycle revving) (glass shattering) (metal scraping) (tires squealing) – I remember opening my eyes and looking around the room I instantly recognize my twin brother and I just said, “Hello Marcus.” But it started to dawn on me that I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know what happened to me, I didn’t even […]

Mike Birbiglia: The New One | Official Trailer | Netflix

Maybe I have a low tolerance for children because I’ve lost a lot of great friends to kids. Because it really is like a disease in some way. But it’s worse than a disease, because they want you to have it too. They’re like zombies. You should have kids too. I’m watching you do it, […]

Crazy Mohan Exclusive Interview with Chief Reporter of Nettv4u

The Life of Andy Warhol (documentary – part two)

Maybe this is really bourgeois of me, but we want fuller lives and we want to know the meanings of the things that drive our lives. We want to redeem the garbage in our life. It seems to me it’s why I look at art. And the thing I feel, when I look at Warhol, […]

Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Rock and roll This is Tony Shiena Owner of Mosaic Security Private Military Company that provides Elite forces level security for their clients Tony has a VIP coming into Caracas tomorrow, who we’ll need to guard We tagged along as he scouted out a particularly dangerous neighbourhood That we will need to pass through in […]