Step Up: High Water, Episode 7

What this music revival means for Polish cultural identity

AMNA NAWAZ: Young musicians in Poland are reviving what they are calling the country’s golden era, which was cut short by the Nazi invasion and Second World War. 1930s dances such as the fox-trot and tango are making a comeback, as people of all ages flock to listen to a number of ensembles playing songs […]

Step Up: High Water Season 2 Announcement!

(intense club music) ♪ Shut the (bleep) bring it back ♪ ♪ Oh ♪

Shirley MacLaine’s Acceptance Speech | AARP The Magazine’s Movies for Grownups® | Great Performances

(audience applauding) – Come and get it, baby. (soft orchestra music) (crowd cheering and applauding) – You can sit. First I wanna tell you, I treasure you, Kathy. I treasure what a great, great actress you are. I wanna work with you again, but I wanna be the star. (audience laughing) Nothing. And I thought, […]

Creedence Clearwater Revival – CCR – Hideaway (Wish I Could) lyrics

Terence McKenna Explains his Most Fundamental Concept “The Archaic Revival”

Consciousness is the domain of immediate experience How are we going to? Save this planet. How are we going to take the lethal cascade of toxic? technological and ignorance producing habits that are loose on this planet and Channel them toward some kind of a sane and livable world. Well the answer is emerging in […]

Elephant Revival – Birds and Stars (Live at the Boulder Theater) – from “Sands of Now”

The love in you it runs so deep Upon the surface here I sleep Walking the dark and light Walking all the day and night. Rivers fall to the ocean side, I fall for you here every time. Like a bee to a flower, a buzz. Does a flower question love? (instrumental) Upon our best […]

Stranger Things Star Natalia Dyer Reveals Which Cast Member is Most Likely to Ghost a Date

– The heads are lovely. Lovely, familiar faces. Hi, I’m Natalia Dyer, and I’m here at Seventeen to play Superlatives. (upbeat dance music) We have sweet Finn, what a cutie. Millie. We got Noah and Caleb. Gaten. Mr. Joe Keery. And then there’s me. (upbeat dance music) The most savage breaking up? Ohhh. I sort […]

Just Dance Minute – Just Dance World Recap!

Hey Just Dancers ! I’m UbiMouss and this is Just Dance Minute! And this is it! After weeks and weeks of qualifications on the World Dancefloor, and everywhere around the globe, we finally have our World Champion for this year. And yes: once again, Diego took the cup back to his home country Brazil, becoming […]

Step Up: High Water, Episode 8