FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – interview with Chris Kael

POWERWOLF – interview with Matthew Greywolf

SPARK TV: SUM 41 – interview about “13 Voices” (Dave&Jason)

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Marie Tomanova: YOUNG AMERICAN

I came to America early in 2011, so it´s more than 7 years since that time. I came after my graduation from the Masarykova univerzita in Brno in Visual Arts, and then I studied painting at the FAVU in Prague, CZ. I went to America to be an aupair for my first two years. My […]

Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude | Barbara Sher | TEDxPrague

Translator: Ellen Maloney Reviewer: Samuel Titera I’ve something very important to tell you today. I’m so glad I was invited to this particular TEDx meeting. I really am, because it’s all about dreams, and that’s what it’s all about, and no kidding, that’s all I do. I also drink water. When I was about 36, […]

The European Union Explained*

Where, is the European Union? Obviously here somewhere, but much like the the European continent itself, which has an unclear boundary, the European Union also has some fuzzy edges to it. To start, the official members of the European Union are, in decreasing order of population: * Germany * France * The United Kingdom * […]