(Video Resume) Elsa Putri Ariani – 1801438542

Hi, my name is Elsa Putri Ariani. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Raised in Doha, Qatar. I’m 18 years old I studied at Cambridge International School for Girls in Doha and I graduated from Middle East International School, Doha, Class of 2014 with a high school diploma based on the California standards. I am […]


Lena ep. 7 – Using Transferable Skills In My CV | The Great Grad Job Hunt

Hi guys, this is Lena coming to you from The Great Grad Job Hunt. What I want to talk to you about today are transferable skills. So, to get down to it, what are transferable skills? They can be defined as skills developed in one situation which can be transferred to another situation. They are […]

How to create a CV

Hello and welcome to this short presentation on managing career change focusing on the CV. My name is Lee Martin, I’m the manager and owner of Toojays training and through all the next five to ten minutes we’ll just be talking through the key aspects of developing an informative impactful CV. So let’s start by […]

How to write a resume when you have the experience, but not the job title

Hey there, Kerri Twigg with video 16 of 30 days of resume. Today’s question comes from somebody who has the current title of HR generalist. They are looking for a management or leadership role. And although they have the title of HR Manager in the civil service They feel the work they are doing is […]

How to Write an Entry Level Resume (HD) | Professional Resumes by Resume Service Plus

Tips for answering CV based Interview Questions

Hello! Here are few tips on answering CV based Interview Questions. Here are the few components of a CV which are important: 1. Contact Details 2. Personal Statement/ Objectives 3. Academics 4. Skills/ Languages Spoken 5. Projects 6. Work Experience 7. Extra-curricular Achievements 8. Interests/ Hobbies/ Passions 9. References/ Declarations Recruiters consider it fair game […]

CVs Work experience

The work experience section. Now, this means any work experience that you have paid or unpaid. You can sub-head into sector specific and general work experience and this allows you to put your placement year or a summer link internship above any part-time or volunteering opportunities that you’ve been involved in. All work experience is […]